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How to Feel Energized without Caffeinated Drinks

Do you ever have mornings where you are simply so tired that you just cannot get yourself out of bed?! I know I certainly do. You feel like you just need a good pick me up, like a cup of coffee or an energy drink. Unfortunately, these things are not great for your body and although they do give you energy and make you feel more awake, they can also do damage to your body, your teeth, and your health if they are used too often. Have you been looking for ideas on how to feel energized without caffeinated drinks? Good thing is, there are a ton of different things you can do to replace those energy drinks and caffeinated coffees to wake you up!

How to feel energized
-Get Proper Rest: This is probably the biggest tip I can give you, sleep is such an important part of keeping our bodies healthy and in functioning form. I would highly recommend getting enough sleep for your body to recoup from the previous day and prepare for the next. This will definitely leave you feeling better and less groggy in the morning.

Water goals
-Drink Lemon Water:
Water is extremely important to your health as well! Adding a bit of lemon juice to your water actually helps to wake you up, as well as so many other benefits including burning fat quicker. Lemon will give your body the boost of energy it needs and actually helps to cut down your cravings for that morning coffee!

I know, I know you probably think I am absolutely nuts for this one! If you don’t enjoy waking up in the morning, how can you possibly bring yourself to exercise that early?! That’s what I thought as well, but exercising actually gets your body moving and pushing through that day with energy, not to mention it boosts the endorphins in your body which results in a happier, better feeling person!
-Eat Breakfast:
They don’t say “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” for nothing! It is extremely important,  your morning meals helps to fuel your body to get through the day and will definitely help you to get up and get going for the day.

-Eat an Apple: Apples are a really great way to get your body going and feeling awake. Apples actually provide your body with a lot of energy because there are so many natural sugars in apples. I promise, eat one apple in the morning and you will not be missing those caffeinated drinks in the least bit!
Believe me, mornings are always rough for me. I’m definitely not someone that loves to wake up and get moving right away, but most days I need to! I love that by doing a few simple changes in my lifestyle, I don’t need to rely on caffeinated drinks or energy drinks to feel good and awake throughout the day! Maybe you should try these out as well!

What ideas do you have for how to feel energized? Do you have any other secrets?



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