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Tips to Make Sure Your House is Ready for Winter

Can you believe today is the first day of winter? Here in Michigan we’ve experienced extremely warm weather compared to the usual over the past several weeks. We’ve only had one snowfall and the rest of the time we’ve seen temps between 40-60 degrees.  Normally by this time in December we’ve had several snowfalls, the temps remain below 30 degree and the kids have been sick a few times. It’s been a rare month or so, for sure. Now that winter is here, we know the air will be drier and even if the warmer temps the past few weeks haven’t seemed like winter is nearing it’s definitely time to make sure your house is ready for winter! 

Tips for Making Sure Your House is Ready for Winter

Ahhh, yes…winter has arrived. In all honesty, it really doesn’t seem like it’s here but I’ve seen hubby doing things around the house that are for sure reminders. There are a few things he’s always done to make sure our house is ready for winter so I wanted to share these tips with you, too.

Making sure your house is ready for winter

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  1. Change your furnace filter. Proper maintenance of your home’s heating and cooling system requires periodic filter changes.
  2. Get out the humidifier(s) and make sure they are ready. If you store them away during the warmer months, it’s time to get them out, clean them up and prep them for the winter months and lots of use! Cold weather means drier air, which can cause respiratory ailments. Using humidifiers and changing filters regularly can help prevent that.
  3. Clean and reverse the ceiling fans. Prepping for winter is always a good time to clean the ceiling fans. Did you know that many ceiling fans have a switch to reverse the direction of the fan’s blades? You want the blades to run in a clockwise direction after you start using your heat to produce an updraft causing the heat to get pushed down into the room.
  4. Seal the Windows and Doors with Caulk. Check for any gaps between the siding and windows and doors. If there are any gaps visible use caulk to seal them to see out the cold air. Even a small draft can increase a heating bill noticeably.
  5. Stock up on Winter Essentials. Now is the time to purchase salt and to make sure your snowblower is working and you have the shovels and car scrapers you’ll need. You don’t want to wait until it’s freezing and snowing constantly to get this done. Be ready!

Now that winter is hear and the weather is still decent make sure your house is ready for winter! If you’ve not yet ordered your furnace and humidifier replacements I encourage you to check out FilterBuy. FilterBuy is a family owned and operated business in southeastern United States and they are your source for low cost replacements for most any air filtration device. their shipping prices are amazing, too! If you can’t find it on their site, contact them and experience their fabulous customer service. They are able to provide an even wider variety of custom filters at great prices!

Have You Made Sure Your House is Ready for Winter? What other tips do you have?

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