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There’s Still Time! Don’t Forget the Family Holiday Portraits and Gifts!

Family portraits are something I treasure. I love having pictures taken of the kids, our family and I even love taking photos of everyone myself. I enjoy getting photos done to have them to look back on years down the road. It’s fun to see the changes over the years. I guess you could say I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to photos. I was thrilled when I was recently offered a holiday portrait session and photos from Portrait Innovations in exchange for writing about my experience. As soon as I had my appointment date with Portrait Innovations for our holiday portraits I immediately started planning everything out! 

Family PortraitsAs a person who is a bit obsessive with pictures I stress about every little detail when it comes to preparing for pictures. I always want our clothing to match, I want the girls to have hair accessories, I want shoes to be perfect (even though most times you can’t even see them! LOL). My husband can tell you just how annoying I can get about pictures, I am sure. I was worried about this particular session because it was on a work day after work at 6pm. This is a time the kids are extremely tired and hungry and cranky. I was so worried they wouldn’t do well and we wouldn’t get great pictures. I literally stress up until the moment we leave for the appointment and by then I’m carefree because I’ve done all I can to help with the photo results. 

Holiday Portraits at Portrait Innovations

Holiday PortraitsOnce we are at the studio it’s up to the photographer to give us the results I always dream of getting – perfect pictures! 😉  Portrait Innovations truly impressed me with their staff. Our photographer, Christie, was a miracle worker I tell you. Annie is not a smiley baby (okay, toddler) and it’s rather difficult for even family members to get a reaction or a smile out of her. She’s difficult to read and doesn’t warm up to others easily. Christie, however, had it going on when it came to Annie. She got smiles from this girl that are hard for even us as her parents to capture! The whole time these smiles were coming out I was asking myself “who is this lady and where did she come from!?!” LOL She did an incredible job with the kids.

Christmas PicturesThere were so many photos that I loved from our session. I loved the variety of photos that were taken. We had some great holiday portraits! Christie took individual photos of each child, a few family photos, photos of the three kids together, the sisters, mom and the girls, dad and son and even a shot of hubby and I together without the kids!

Another thing I loved about our session and portraits was the fact that we got not only amazing photos of everyone smiling, but our photographer was able to capture personalities like no other. She didn’t even know my kids and she captured them at just the right moments in some photos that tell the story of who they really are!

Portrait InnovationsThis photo describes them so well! LA is sitting there smiling and care-free. Addy is screaming and being her silly-self. Annie is looking at the camera like “I don’t think so!” This is obviously not the photo I chose to distribute to friends and family but it’s a photo I love to have for us because it IS them. I think it’s hilarious!

Family Holiday PortraitsHere’s another example of personality captured….Annie only had so many smiles in here and when she was done she was back to her straight face. I’m glad this was captured because it’s her normal look! Don’t get my wrong, she is a very happy child, she just has some very serious looks and isn’t a fan strangers.

Portrait Innovations did an amazing job for our family holiday portraits. We got the smiles, we got the personality and we got amazing service! We were also given the option to have an outfit change but honestly, with three little ones and the amount of stress I go through trying to get one outfit for everyone, I opted out of the second outfit. Our photographer, Christie, also sat very patiently with us when it was time to select photos. She understood when I needed to get a snack for the kids, she understood when one of us had to get up with a kid, change a diaper, etc. When it came to a choice between a few photos and I was having a hard time Christie showed her expertise and mentioned things I had not thought about. For example when it came down to which larger photos I wanted of the kids and I couldn’t decide between the holiday background and the white background she asked me if I would still be okay in February with holiday backgrounds on the wall. Good point. When I wasn’t sure which pose to select she asked which I’d be more likely to give to family. Even with the special products we received (ornament and photo book) she made selections as examples that I ended up going with because they looked so good! She took all of the stress out of it! Another great thing? We got almost all of our photos THAT night!!! They had them printed and ready within 20-30 minutes!

If you are in the market for holiday portraits I highly recommend Portrait Innovations. This was our first experience with them and we will for sure go back. They have amazing packages and just think about how great pictures would be as a gift for grandparents! They also have a wide range of products like calendars, mugs, ornaments, mouse pads, and so much more! It’s not too late, book your appointment with your local Portrait Innovations!

Give the Gift of Holiday Portraits this Christmas with the Help of Portrait Innovations!




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  1. Oh, I love Portrait Innovations. I got the best pictures and the best service there! The service was outstanding! We had 22 people in our family/party and the shoot couldn’t have gone smoother.
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