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One Question to Ask Children Today!

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One of the things I love about being a Stonyfield YoGetter is the wide range of topics that we get to cover. Stonyfield gives us some great opportunities and I am in love with the prompt they sent us to write about this month. All because the wonderful people at Stonyfield were inspired by an article they asked us to write about how our children respond to the question of how we can help make them feel loved. In a month full of love and busy times I was excited to have the conversation with my kids and write about their answers.

Personally, I am a very affectionate person. That’s how I show love and that’s one way I like to receive love. Because of this I was confident my children would say that hugs were on their list of ways I can help make them feel loved. It only made since, right? That’s how I’ve shown them love since they were born…cuddles, kisses, hugs. Well, you can imagine my surprise when neither Addy nor LA mentioned any of these things as ways they feel loved.

Putside Play with LoveAddy will be 4 in February. She’s always trying to be silly and have lots of fun. When I asked her what I can do to help her feel loved she was trying to be goofy. She said (multiple times) that candy makes her feel loved. Yea, me too, girl. 😉 When I talked with her more and explained to her what I meant she was confident in her answer: “When we play outside and when you take us to the park.”

Reading Books and feeling lovedLA is 5 1/2 now and in kindergarten. Where has the time gone? He is so much like his mama and he and I have talks a bit more often since he’s older. When I asked him what ways I can make him feel loved he had a lot more to say than his younger sister. The first thing he said was “when we read together”. This almost melted my heart. I have always loved reading and my husband and I read to the kids every day. It was heartwarming to know this is special to him as well. He also said that he feels loved when I make pancakes for him! 🙂 I do try to make the pancakes fun and add faces and such to them! I guess he likes that more than I ever thought!

Cookies with the Kids He also told me that he feels special when we bake and decorate cookies together. This photo was from when we baked cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. It was so much fun and it was a great way to spend quality time with them.

It seems they appreciate our time the most. They love doing things together and that makes them feel loved. I’m so happy we had this conversation because now I know, even more, how important taking the time to do things with them really is. It’s their love language. <3

What do you do that makes your child feel loved?

Thank you, Stonyfield, for encouraging this conversation. It was time very well spent and treasured!


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