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Give the Gift of Imagination with the Pet Portrait Studio

When I was a child I can remember how often I entertained myself by putting ordinary every day objects together to build new and exciting structures. Back then, boxes especially were my favorites as they were easy to stack together and fun to crawl through when my house or building was complete. These days, using your imagination to build has evolved from simple every day objects or building blocks, lego’s ect. and now there is an endless supply of imaginative toys to fuel the minds of our children. Creatively building is no longer restricted to simple blocks and boxes, these days there are innovative construction kits by Build and Imagine. Giving the gift of imagination has gotten much easier!

Pet Portrait StudioWhen founder Laurie Peterson, first founded Build and Imagine she did so after coming to the realization that there just weren’t a lot of options for toys that were engaging for young girls. So, with this in mind, Laurie set about combining a few things that she knew girls had loved, searching back through history to make her list. Her Storywalls are the perfect combination of building blocks, dollhouses, and dress up dolls. Together, each of these combine to create a unique mashup that features adventurous female characters and richly illustrated details that inspire young girls and boys alike to build and imagine.

Give the Gift of Imagination

It’s not everyday that I find toys that are both fun and thought inspiring, two things that Build and Imagine and their toys strive to encourage. For my review I was sent the Pet Portrait Studio and have to say I was in love from the moment I opened the box.

the gift of imaginationThe Pet Portrait Studio focuses on Anna and Ethan, who are preparing their local pet shelters for adoption day. By providing each pet with a special pet, Anna and Ethan are hoping to get their furry pals adopted. Your little ones will enjoy building a studio with the included illustrated magnetic panels as they dress their adoptee’s in crazy outfits and put together unique scenes for their dolls to capture on film.

Pet Portrait Studio comes with:

  • Anna and Ethan wooden characters. 
  • 4 wooden pets. 
  • 10 dual-sided building panels. 
  • 40+ magnetic accessories. 
  • Features painter’s studio, photo studio, photo lab, pet lounge, treats, smocks, art supplies, pet costumes, adoption fair, a dozen pets and more! 

My daughter is a huge fan of animals so this has been a hit with her. She’s nearly 4 so the imagination play is exactly what she loves right now. It’s been a lot of fun for both of us, actually! We have mama and daughter time and we play together with this set. It’s definitely a set I recommend for little girls for Christmas as it encourages imaginative play and is great for animal lovers! Give the gift of imagination this year with Build & Imagine!

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