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Give a Gift that Gives Back with Bears for Humanity

Ever since I was a little kid I can remember having a love for stuffed animals. I would line them up, one by one, in my bed while waiting for my dad to come in and tuck me in for the night. Each animal was just as special to me as the next and each had their own unique story. Christmas, Easter, birthdays; I had a bear for each. In my eyes these stuffed toys, my bears especially, were a sign of security and love and I slept with them well into my teenage years. Now that I’m a parent I’ve carried on the tradition and am glad to say that my own children have their own love for stuffed toys and their own collections. So, when I received word that I had been chosen to partner with Bears for Humanity, I couldn’t have been more thrilled for the opportunity because I love sharing ideas for a gift that gives back!

buy one, give oneFounded by a fellow Mom would wanted nothing more than the best for her twins, Bears for Humanity was created as the first organic bear company after finding out that organic faux fur bears had yet to exist. Since faux fur made of plastic was so cheap, toy companies were perfectly content to keep producing toys that were made with it and this was something the founder of Bears for Humanity was shocked to learn, thus Bears for Humanity was created. Building organic teddy bears was only half of the equation for this Mama and her husband, the other was to provide a special teddy bear for children in need. Having her brother gift her with a special bear during an important time in her life motivated the founder of Bears for Humanity to come up with their buy a bear, donate a bear program. With millions of children in need, in foster care and without permanent homes, the founder of Bears for Humanity and her husband, Vijay, wanted to donate their special organic bears to children in need!

A Gift that Gives Back

Bears for Humanity
When I was given the opportunity to work with Bears for Humanity I was sent two of their unique organic bears for review. I was sent the Sweetie and Sassie Premium Bears. I couldn’t be more happy to share my experience with these wonderful bears with my readers.

Annie BearSassie is a lovely pink premium bear made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton/Hemp Fibers. She’s a perfect choice for snuggling and makes a great addition to any stuffed toy collection. Sassie measures 16″ standing and 10″ while sitting down. Annie has grown quite attached to her Sassie bear. She cuddles her often and loves falling asleep with Sassie by her side.

Bears for HumanityLike Sassie, Sweetie is made of 100% Certified Organic Cotton/Hemp. She’s a wonderful candidate for tea parties, snuggling, movie watching and more. As an added bonus, just when you thought buying a bear from Bears for Humanity couldn’t get any better, you gain peace of mind knowing that Sweetie is made of anti-bacterial organic fabric rather than polyester materials.

Both of these bears have been amazing! They are soft and cuddly and with moving arms and legs they make great play pals! They would make a great holiday gift for any child on your list and don’t forget – when you buy one, they give one, too! It’s an amazing way to give a gift twice! 😉 Give a gift that gives back!

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