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Celebrate Winter with the Gift of Handmade Jewelry

Handmade items are always a hit with me. I love seeing creativity at it’s best. Jewelry is something I love but don’t often buy for myself. It’s just one of those extras I don’t focus on. When I get the gift of jewelry though I am always delighted. Handmade jewelry is a plus! When I first saw the gorgeous creations from Sweet Charm Elegance my heart skipped a beat!

handmade jewelryFirst, you have to understand me with the color blue. I am drawn to it. Like for real drawn to it. I love almost anything blue and handmade jewelry made with blue Swarovski crystals? It’s seriously a dream! The finest quality Swarovski stones in each Sweet Charm Elegance piece are the real deal! All Swarovski stones are certified and bought from Swarovski dealers. 

Sweet Charm Elegance sent me their gorgeous Swarovski Winter Necklace for review. When I got it in my hands I knew immediately that Sweet Charm Elegance would be a newfound love! They create handmade jewelry pieces with a charming, realistic look. In addition to their Swarovski pieces, they have cupcake and candy charms that look delicious enough to eat!

Swarovski handmade jewelryThe Swarovski Winter Necklace is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. It’s fine quality and Swarovski sparkle make it a pleasure to wear. It is very well constructed and is a piece that has gotten many praises from others when I wear it.

snowflake necklaceThe Winter Necklace contains Swarovski beads of a few sizes in various shades of blue and white. They are secured with a silver clasp and the entire necklace sparkles as pretty as a fresh snowfall! The center piece of this necklace features a crystal snowflake, perfect for celebrating winter! The necklace comes packed in a pretty pink pouch easy for storing!

Be sure to check out the other snowflake pieces offered by Sweet Charm Elegance, you’ll find them to be just as gorgeous as this one! Keep up with Sweet Charm Elegance and their handmade jewelry pieces by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to sign up for their VIP club for a special discount!

What winter celebration would you wear this to? Are you a fan of handmade jewelry?

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