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The Perfect DIY Gift Full of Memories #SaveYourMemories

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My mom is such a difficult person to buy for when it comes to birthday or Christmas gifts. She seems to have everything she wants and when I ask her what she wants for Christmas it’s always the same answer: “I just want everyone home for Christmas so we can have a nice dinner together.” My mom is also big on pictures of the grandchildren and holding on to memories. She’s said for years (yes, YEARS) that she wants to put together scrapbooks of the grandchildren. Every time we give her pictures, show her pictures, or mention memories we hear about how she needs to keep them (or write them down or print them) for a scrapbook that she’s going to make. This year I’ve come up with my solution to what to get mom for Christmas. I’ve been saving memories for years, too and I’m making a DIY gift full of memories for my mom using our new HP Envy 4512 All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner

#SaveYourMemoriesWith three children five years old and younger I need the make sure I have the easiest way to put this gift together as possible. I don’t have much spare time so when I do I need to get as much done as possible. Creating a scrapbook full of memories is much easier than you might think! Take a look at how I did it and let me know what ideas you have for your DIY gift full of memories this holiday season!

I’m a list person. I need my pen and paper and I love crossing things off as they are accomplished. When I first started this journey on making the scrapbook I knew I needed a focus. I wanted to make a list of all the things to be included to ensure I don’t forget something. I wanted to jot down some ideas, themes, etc. to make this into a book my mom will love!

Scrapbooking NotesStep 1 – Make a List of Ideas and Inclusions

There are so many things that I want to include in the scrapbook. The oldest grandchild is 20 and the youngest is 1 1/2 so I had to narrow it down to what I felt were important things in their lives that grandma would love to see memories of.

HP at Walmart #SaveYourMemoriesStep 2 – Find tools that will make your project easier

As I mentioned earlier, I am very busy with my kids, my husband, home, full time job, blog, etc. I NEED tools to make things as easy as possible. I found a great option at Walmart – the HP Envy 4512. This machine is amazing, to say the least. It does printing, scanning, copying, photos and connects via WiFi! That’s right….WiFi means I am able to easily set it up on my phone and print photos straight from my phone!!! I was beyond excited about this because who doesn’t have 2200+ photos on their phone like me? We all could use an easy way to print and save our memories!

Save your memories with scrapbookingStep 3 – Pick out supplies for your scrapbook

While at Walmart I picked up some fun scrapbooking supplies. I got some fun scissors, craft tape to easily affix the photos to the pages, HP photo paper and scrapbooking stickers to add some fun to the pages.

Camera Roll #SaveYourMemoriesStep 4 – Photo Selection Time! Narrow it down and start printing!

I have over 2200 photos on my phone. I love pictures. This was the most time consuming part of this project, to be honest. I was glad I had a list of certain things I want in the scrapbook as it made it much easier to narrow things down and stay on track! Because this is a project for my mom of all of her grandchildren I didn’t have all of the photos needed on my phone. I was also able to go to Facebook and scroll through my sister’s albums to save some photos to my phone for easy access since they live out of state!

WiFi Photo Printing #SaveYourMemoriesThe app I downloaded to use with the HP Envy 4512 was so easy to use! I simply selected the photo from my camera roll and clicked the print option. Soon after I had a printed photo for use in Grandma’s scrapbook.

Outside of the photos on my phone I had a few printed photos (mainly newborn shots) that I needed to add to the scrapbook. The HP Envy 4512 was not only great for printing the images from my phone, but it was great for scanning and printing photos in different sizes!

Scanning on the HP EnvyThere were two newborn photos that, for the life of me, I could not find wallet sized photos in my box full of photos. Thankfully, using my handy dandy new easy HP printer I was able to scan the images RIGHT FROM MY PHONE and print them into wallet sizes photos!

Newborn ScansI wanted all newborn photos to be wallet sized in order to be uniform and to be able to fit everything in that I wanted on the “family tree” pages. It was easy to complete this task all from my phone!

I am in love with this printer! I am so excited that I can easily print photos from my phone for instant gratification and sharing with friends and family! No more lost photos here! Also, with this being an HP printer and having HP ink, it will print twice as many high quality prints as generic ink! As a photo fanatic I picked the right tool, didn’t I? 😉

Step 5 – Time to Be Creative!

Now that you have all of your images printed it’s time to put it all together! This is the fun part, in my opinion!

Memories for GrandmaWhen I started putting the scrapbook together I made a simple yet loving title page for my mom to read as soon as she opens the book. I want her to understand right away what it is.

ScrapbookingSince there are nine grandchildren I created a page for each sister with her kids. I highlighted a newborn photo with a “now” photo of each child with printed details of their full name, date of birth and weight at birth.

First Day of SchoolWith nine grandchildren ranging between 20 and 1 not all have started school yet. I am still waiting on a few photos from my sisters to add to this page but I love how it’s looking!

 Step 6 – Add Personal Touches

Outside of the photos of notable events in the lives of the grandchildren I want to add other things. I am having the little kids do a Christmas coloring sheet for Grandma’s scrapbook while the older kids write a letter to be included in the scrapbook. The coloring sheets can easily be printed on my new printer, too! Did I mention I love this thing!?

Step 7 – Gift Away

Hand deliver your DIY gift full of memories for Christmas! The joy on grandma’s face this holiday is going to be priceless!

What ideas do you have for holiday photography projects?

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  1. Lovely idea! I really love it April and definitely will give it a try myself. But first I have to get a brand new printer, mine sucks. Maybe I can find that very same HP model at my local store. Cheers!
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  2. What a sweet idea! My mom is one of those old school grandmas who still has printed pictures in her wallet — only last week, she lost her wallet while shopping. I should use my HP Envy (I have one, too!) to print some new photos for her from my phone. She’d love that! #client
    Carrie @huppiemama recently posted…Espresso Chocolate Mousse BowlMy Profile

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