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Preschool Halloween Worksheet Printable

Now that LA is in school we practice things every day with him. Addy is 3 now and she loves to learn and thinks she can be just like her brother and do school things, too. It breaks her heart that she can’t go to school with him. I’ve recently gotten in to doing fun printables with her that are holiday or month themed that she enjoys, but they also have a purpose: to teach her more! I thought since we’ve been having so much fun with these I’d share them so you all can enjoy them with your preschoolers, too!

Preschool Halloween PrintableShe loves Halloween and seeing all of the pumpkins. With orange being her favorite color she loves the various Halloween displays and fun all around so it was a no brainer that we needed a new Halloween printable for her to do when big brother is in school. This preschool Halloween worksheet has been a hit in our home! Even LA loves it! Take a look at the full sheet and use the PDF link below to print a nice full size for your preschooler!

Preschool Halloween Worksheet

Click here for a PDF version for easy printing!

This not only incorporates learning numbers and the order of numbers, but also sounds, letters and a bit of fun, too! I love tying it all into one worksheet that gives Addy and I some fun time together while she is learning more!

It’s different having only the girls at home with me on my days off of work. I’ve been trying to reestablish a routine with just the two of them and incorporating some learning time is on top of that list! Seeing the things LA does in kindergarten makes me realize even more how much we have to do to prepare Addy for a successful start to kindergarten in a few years. These preschool Halloween printables are just one way we can prepare her and have a festive time, too!

What fun ways to you incorporate holidays into learning?

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