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PreSchool Fall Art Projects for Your Toddler

We are blessed with an amazing teacher at the daycare/preschool our kids go to. She adores the kids and spends so much time with them creating things. I wanted to share some of the preschool fall art projects that came home recently. These are all super fun for the kids because what kid doesn’t love putting their hands or feet in paint?! 

Preschool Fall Art Projects
There’s still plenty of time left in fall so grab your paints and construction paper and get those little hands (and feet) busy!

Preschool Art Projects
I love the hand print trees! You can use various fall colors to make the “leaves” on the trees look even prettier!

Preschool Fall Art
Making trees with your hands is definitely a must when it comes to preschool fall art projects! You can teach them all about fall and the changing leaves and give them the start of a sentence and let them tell a story: “One windy autumn morning…” Let them have fun and use their imaginations!

Art porjects for toddlers


Art projects for infants
What a fun way to “build a fire” and tell camp stories! Let them again use their imaginations to tell you a “camping” story while using their hands to be creative! You can tell the fire is full of hand prints, right? 😉

Memory Art with KidsThis bird is TOO adorable! It’s Annie’s feet and I adore it! Who would have thought two adorable feet could make a bird in a tree? 😉 

What fun preschool fall art projects have you done recently?


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