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Our Dog Story & How You Can Help Animals in Need #PedigreeGives

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When I met my husband he was a bachelor with a kid dog. I had always been a dog lover and, in fact, I had a dog, too. I can’t recall a time I’ve not had a dog actually. Growing up he and I both had dogs in our homes and once we moved out of our parents’ homes we got our own dogs. We’ve both had a passion for and love to help animals in need. A man and his dogsCoincidentally, the above photo was taken the same time of year when he first got the dogs (thus the pumpkin). He actually got two dogs when he got our Bailey, however, one dog was stolen from him unfortunately and he was never able to find the dog. As he and I dated we became more and more fond of each others’ dog, unfortunately our dogs were not fond of each other. šŸ™ It broke my heart but we had to find a good home for my beloved dog when it was time for us to get married and move in together. Luckily, a family member who adored my dog wanted to give her a home and we were still able to see her until she passed away.

Bailey and IWhen we married I instantly became a Yorkie mama to our dog, Bailey. Although it is still obvious who’s dog she is, her and I have bonded quit a bit over the years.

Our dogIn each of my last three pregnancies she has been by my side constantly. The third time I wondered if she knew I was pregnant before I did! She always gets cozy and protective of me when I’m pregnant. She lays by my belly constantly (as you can see in the above picture from when I was pregnant with Annie). It’s incredible how dogs just know things.

She’s a small dog but has the bark of a giant dog! She thinks her bark is protecting her family and the kids? Oh my, how fond she has become of them! Bailey is a part of our family and is one of our “kids”. Our love for dogs has been passed down to our kids. They adore not only Bailey, but every dog they see!

Easy Ways You Can Help Animals in Need

Pedigree Gives One of the ways we share this love and teach giving to our children is by volunteering at our local animal rescue league. It makes sense for our family: we all love animals and it’s a great way to give back that involves something we care so deeply about. Animals in shelters don’t have that one family that loves them. They don’t have the freedom to run in their back yards. They love having people come and spend one on one time with them. They love taking walks. People are needed to volunteer to do these small things. It doesn’t always mean money, often times your time can provide a lot more than your wallet! šŸ˜‰

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog FoodIf you are short on time though you can donate things that shelters need regularly to help. We try to take at least one large bag of PEDIGREEĀ® Adult Dry Dog Food per month with us on our trips to the shelter and we donate it. We love using PEDIGREEĀ® because it keeps Bailey happy and healthy. Did you know that when you purchase PEDIGREEĀ® products at Sam’s Club during the month of October, the PEDIGREEĀ® brand will donate a bowl of food to a dog in need? They are such an awesome brand!

Pedigree at Sam's Club

It’s easy! On your next trip to Sam’s Club this month pick up a bag in the Pet Care aisle and drop it off on your way home at your local shelter! Or, if you are feeling more generous than your wallet allows consider putting together a food/supplies drive with your friends and family and come together to provide even more to help animals in need!

Another way you can help animals in need is by being a voice. Help spread the word about spaying and neutering animals to prevent unwanted animals that could end up in shelters. You can post flyers around town to let others know about services offered by the shelter or clinics in your area and you can also simply educate your friends and family. Being a voice can also be reporting animal cruelty to get animals out of bad situations.

Yet Another Way to Help

This month, in celebration of Pet Months, you can upload a photo of the dog you love to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #LaterShelter for a chance to be featured on SamsClub.com. The PEDIGREEĀ® brand will donate a bowl of food for every upload!! Start sharing those pics and help animals in need! 

What’s Your Animal Story? Did you know about all of the ways PEDIGREEĀ® helps animals in need?


Thank you to PEDIGREEĀ® and Sam’s Club for sponsoring today’s chat. Please follow PEDIGREEĀ® and Sam’s Club on Twitter!

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