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A Parental Debate: Teacher or Technology?

This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way.

As the wife of a teacher one would think my views might be a bit different than the typical parent of a school aged child. When it comes to asking questions regarding a child’s education sometimes parents surprise me with their responses. A recent survey conducted by Follett asked which is more important in the learning environment of their children: the quality of teaching or the technology resources available to them? In all honesty, for me, it’s tough to select one over the other.

Teacher or TechnologyHaving grown up in the 70’s and 80’s the technology my husband and I were exposed to as children was extremely limited. When I reached high school they were just starting to introduce a computer class. Computers were not yet the norm (yes, I’m telling my age!). Tablets and smartphones were a thing of the future we knew nothing of. It’s been interesting seeing my children’s lives and their exposure to technology. My now 19 year old son had computers involved in his schooling since kindergarten. My now 5 year old son, who just started kindergarten, has been exposed to computers, tablets and smartphones his entire life. I can only imagine, at this rate, where it will be when Annie starts school in 5 years.

Having seen technology evolve in my life as it has, I’ve also seen the great asset it can be in a child’s education. Computer programs, websites, apps – they all make learning fun and many kids just “get it” when it’s delivered to them in one of these manners. If they don’t chances are there is another app or another website they can use where they will “get it”. Technology brings such diversity and variation into the education world which contributes greatly to the various learning styles in each classroom. One issue we see often with technology in schools is the lack of technology readily available in the inner city/urban schools. Yes, there are grants available and some do have access to some great technology. Others have very limited access and I believe this to be detrimental to the children of our world. Knowing teachers who teach in various districts around us, I’ve seen about the huge differences in technology available in different cities. I wish there were minimum standards set forth by the state to ensure each district would be able to provide the benefits of technology to their students.

Being on the side of education I am on (as the wife of an educator and a mother), I also know the importance of quality teaching. I see every day how much effort and care my husband puts into his students. I’ve also seen the effects of a teacher who doesn’t care and who doesn’t put effort into their students’ success. Quality teaching not only contributes to the success of students, it makes a personal and lasting impression on the hearts of our young. That personal touch and encouragement, in my opinion, are priceless when it comes to a child’s education.

Which do you feel is more important? The quality of teaching or the technology resources available to students?

This infographic from Follett is so interesting to me to see the views of parents as well as how the opinions vary in different parts of our country. Does your region agree with your opinion?

Teaching or Tech

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  1. Well, I think a quality teacher is so much more important. My reasoning? I’m noticing that so many children who have been raised in this ‘techy’ age are lacking in feelings. No, scratch that. They are lacking in the important feelings. They have tons of anger, and they lack empathy. It’s almost as if they have had unlimited time on tech toys, and these gadgets have sucked the joy out of them.
    Children need a kind touch, a warm smile. They need to be encouraged, and know that someone cares about the grades they are making. A good teacher can make a huge difference in a child’s every day life. They provide the things technology cannot provide. We need good teachers, like your husband. Technology is a tool, but we still need a caring human in the classroom.
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  2. Unfortunately, with this day and age, it’s going to end up the Technology that’s available not the teaching. But I will say that I think the Teacher is more important. Going to places and the cashier has to rely on the register for the correct change – gosh forbid that they don’t hear you say wait, i have the change… and they type in the whole bill amount…and then get so confused when you hand them the correct change… I’ve actually had a cashier call over an older employee to help them. 🙁
    That’s why yes, i do love the technology that is available to the kids, I have been doing my best to make sure my son doesn’t rely on technology to learn.
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  3. Honestly, I believe we need quality teachers, more than technology. Technology is a tool. It cannot replace the warmth, caring and enthusiasm of a human teacher. In fact, my thoughts are that children nowdays are lacking some of the most important feelings because they spend most of their time on gadgets. They have less and less empathy for others.
    Have you ever noticed how impersonal texts are? You can’t tell emotions, outside of emoticons, and punctuation. While I’m at it… punctuation and correct grammar are suffering because of technology. Did you know teachers here in the South don’t even teach cursive handwriting any more? And penmanship is fast following down the tube.
    We need enthusiastic human teachers. I personally think we can do without the technology – except in classes just FOR that.
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