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5 Dating Mistakes

If you are reading this article, I assume that you have been actively searching for love. Perhaps you have already registered on various dating sites or already found a relationship that will certainly lead to the long-expected wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, you have certainly tried to go on dates. Therefore, this topic will be interesting for every woman who dreams of a true and at the same time romantic relationship.

Going on dates is always exciting. It becomes especially exciting when you go out with someone cool – well, sooo cool, handsome, glamorous, confident! Can you imagine going on a date with Brad Pitt or maybe anybody else from the World’s most powerful people by Forbes? Your knees shake, you have absolutely nothing to put on, and your hair and make-up are awful. You ask yourself what should you say, how to look good, and how to behave to avoid common first date mistakes? Even if you are fully confident and have a strong ability to charm, if you spend hours on the best dating sites or attend special training courses, the fear of doing something wrong always holds the fort and this is absolutely normal.

Dating mistakesIn fact, it’s always up to you whether this excitement is pleasant or vice versa. However that may be, here is the collection of top 5 mistakes made by the beautiful half of humanity on a first date:

Mistake #1 – Inappropriate clothes. Too vulgar or plainly dressed woman is a disaster waiting to happen. Your partner has already noticed and appreciated the charming details and all the disadvantages of your look. Clothing reflects a woman’s inner world. So it is better to wear something classic or casual for the first date. In this case, it is desirable to focus on any particular detail. For example, try wearing a brightly colored belt or vintage necklace to stand out a bit.

Mistake #2 – Talks about ex-partners. A man always wants to be the first, the best and, of course, the only one. It is not necessary to compare him with you previous boyfriends. Do not talk about past break-ups. It is suggested you skip over those details.

Mistake #3 – Sex on the first date. According to the surveys, most men believe that women who agree to have sex on the first date are frivolous. Therefore, this fact makes them respect her less. If you want a serious relationship – test your partner. At the same time, do not play hard or declare that the desired intimacy happens only after the 5th date.

Mistake #4 – Great leaders. Many men do not like when a woman in a relationship feels too self-confident. On dates, let the man be the leader. Allow him to show off his strength and abilities. A man will never miss such a woman, because you are his most fervent admirer.

wedding plansMistake #5 – Future plans. Do not talk about marriage or your future children on the first date. No need to hunt for the man and invite him for the next date. In case you were talking about family relationships, carefully give a conversation another turn.

Dating can be a tough part of life. Try to enjoy it and don’t fall into repeating the same mistakes. Learn from each date and soon you’ll find yourself in love and planning the wedding of your dreams!

What mistakes have you made in the past that were tough lessons?


5 Dating Mistakes is a guest post, written and submitted by Kira B.

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