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Tips to Bond with Baby and Create a Formula for Happiness

As the mama to four, I will admit the first few months of each of my children’s lives was difficult. Amazing, yet at the same time hard. Sure, it got a bit easier with more experience but even with baby number four there were difficult times. It important bond with baby and to create a formula for happiness. There are many ways you can do it! Take the first few months to really work on this and you’ll appreciate the effects it will have on not only your baby, but on you as well!

Newborn BondingSome of My Favorite Ways to Bond with Baby

During the difficult times it may cross your mind that you can’t get through it but YOU CAN! The precious moments far outweigh the tough times. I love bonding with my newborn baby with skin to skin contact. When my babies were each born the first thing we did was skin to skin and it’s a memory I treasure. Skin to skin contact is important not only for the first hour or two after birth, but for the first weeks of a baby’s life. It’s also an incredible bonding experience because baby is happier, heart rate and body temperature are both more stable. Being close to mama is baby’s natural habitat, but skin to skin with daddy is also amazing to help build their bond!Formula for Happiness Another way I love bonding with baby to make him/her more happy is by talking, singing, and  smiling…interaction with baby is bonding, too. Talking to baby creates a bond. Tell baby how much he/she is loved, what you love about him/her, what you have planned for the day, etc. As long as it’s loving and positive there is nothing wrong with what you are saying! Singing lullabies and saying a little “I love you” also make moments special. In fact, I’ve hummed songs to Annie since she was an infant. In recent months SHE will start humming when I am holding her getting her to sleep and we then hum together. She loves it. I love it. It’s bonding time for us. Let baby see you smile, laugh and be happy. Happiness is good for everyone, even babies and it contributes a great deal to a family’s formula for happiness!

Another thing I’ve found that help tremendously is having a routine. Our babies reacted well to a “schedule” and overall, I think it has been great for our entire family. I use “schedule” in quotes because we aren’t on a set clock for everything (such as feedings, as we feed on demand) but having the day go in a certain order helps everyone adjust and feel comfort in knowing what to expect.

Babywearing has certainly been a very important part of our lives, too. When you have toddlers and a newborn, it’s a great way to get through the day! Hubby and I both have worn our babies and have enjoyed every moment of it. Our three year old still wants to be worn when she sees us getting the carrier out. When our babies were newborns I loved using a wrap. Babywearing is good for baby and allows mom and dad to be “hands free” in case other things need to be done. It’s a great bonding experience that will keep everyone happy!

Take advantage of the help friends and family offer. The first few months baby doesn’t usually sleep well, which means mom and dad don’t sleep well. It’s a big adjustment for first time parents. If you have someone who is willing to just come and hold or watch the baby for an hour or two, take a nap or just get some me time! It will give you the refreshment you need! If you are having difficulty you can make a FREE appointment with Gerber’s new certified sleep consultant, or with a nutritionist or certified lactation consultant! It’s a great way for new parents to get help they may need from professionals – another great way to work on your formula for happiness! This service is brought to you by Gerber® Good Start® Gentle.

I’d love to hear from you with your thoughts, tips to bond with baby and pictures! Use #formulaforhappiness to tag pictures on Instagram or Twitter of your tips for baby’s happiness in the first few months of life!


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