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Back to School Breakfast and Snacks with Quaker #QuakerTime

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Kindergarten…I can’t believe my little guy will be starting school in just about a month! He’s so excited. I am, too, but I’m also a bit sad. I’m sure you other mamas understand that. We’ve been working on getting some ideas for breakfast and snacks. Right now he’s use to eating breakfast at daycare and eating snacks between meals. Kindergarten will be a big change. We’ll need to eat breakfast before leaving our house in the morning and they are working a snack into the kindergarten day to help. We’ve been planning some fun breakfast and snacks with Quaker!

Quaker Breakfast made easy! #QuakerTime #CBiasDid you know that Life has a Maple & Brown Sugar option? To be honest, I didn’t until our recent visit to our local Walmart. The Life cereal is amazing! We went shopping to pick up a few things in preparation for the school days coming. We are trying to do some test runs in advance to be sure we are ready and to be sure LA understand the changes coming.

Quaker products at Walmart #QuakerTimeWe were able to find some awesome Quaker products in the cereal/granola aisle at Walmart. They have a huge selection of cereals, oatmeals and granola bars – all items that were on our back-to-school shopping list!

Easy Back to School Breakfast
breakfast and snacks with Quaker #QuakerTime

I’ve mentioned before that we love adding fruit to meals and with Quaker’s Life cereal and oatmeal, it’s not only easy, but it tastes GREAT! LA loves his cereal with fruit in it and it’s going to be the perfect start to his kindergarten days! It’s just as easy to add fruit to the varieties found in the Quaker Fruit & Cream packages of instant oatmeal for a quick and delicious breakfast!

Snacks with Quaker

I love doing Bento style lunches and snacks for the kids. It’s a fun way to eat healthy items! We recently put together some snacks with Quaker. The first being our Quaker stick people using Quaker’s Chewy bars and some fruits!

Snack People Prep #QuakerTime

Items you’ll need:

Quaker Chewy Bars
Mandarin Oranges
Peanut Butter

Take a look at how we did them:

Adorable, isn’t it?! My kids love these and have fun helping me put them together! It’s a must to put the Chewy bars in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to making these people or the bars will fall apart. I also recommend freezing them for 5 minutes or so after they are put together, just before you serve them.

All you do it take a slice of banana (about 1/2 inch thick) for the face and use peanut butter (or any other kind of “paste” like Nutella or Sunflower Seed Butter) to attach the raisins as eyes, the blueberries as ears and top with an mandarin orange for the hair!

Snack people from Quaker Chewy Bars #QuakerTime #CBias
Cut the Quaker Chewy bar in half, use one peice for the body and the remainder to cut into arms and legs! They are very easy and super fun! These are perfect for morning or afternoon snacks, or even additions to school lunches! Parents are taking turns bringing snacks into LA’s kindergarten classroom so this is what I’ll be bringing when it’s my turn! They’ll love putting the people together!

Quaker Fun Mix

Quaker Fun Mix #QuakerTime #CBiasThe other snack we put together using Quaker products is this amazing Quaker Fun Mix! It’s really easy to do and perfect for adding to back to school lunches! It gives just a bit of a sweet treat to reward your little ones for their hard work in school!

Items you’ll need:

Quaker Life Maple & Brown Sugar Cereal
Mini Marshmallows
Pretzels (we chose the fun alphabet ones)
Colorful candy pieces
Simply mix the items together and get busy snacking (or packing those lunches!). 😉 We love this because with a kindergartener and a 3 year old, who are both eager to learn, we use the candy pieces for color recognition, the pretzels for letter recognition and the Life cereal and marshmallows for shape recognition! It’s perfect!

Be sure to follow Quaker on their social media channels for more back to school ideas!

Comment below and tell me how Quaker helps you with easy breakfast, lunch and snacks as they go back to school.

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  1. It’s all about being able to play with your food, right? I remember making fun faces and shapes for my kids when they were young. I miss those days. But it definitely got them to eat better. #client
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