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Are Your Health Issues Related to Indoor Air Pollution? Learn What You Can Do.

Are your health issues related to indoor air pollution? Did you know that household air pollution causes many deaths each year? It’s a real problem and we all need to take it seriously. In 2012 alone household air pollution made up 7.7% of global mortalities.Check out this infographic below to learn more about household air pollution and see how you can protect your family with just a bit of work and maintenance. 
Breathe deeply – everything you need to know about indoor air pollution is here!

Learn About Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution
We are making strides, but more needs to be done. With this extensive information I hope you are able to prevent further indoor air pollution in your home and the homes of your family and friends. It’s easy to take care of when you know about it! With a bit of maintenance and upkeep you can make sure your family is as safe as possible from the dangers of indoor air pollution. Do something about the dangers and you’ll feel better all around!

What’s one thing you learned from this infographic that you weren’t aware of?

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  1. Mentioned on indoor pollution facebook!

  2. Hi April! Wow, I never thought about the horrible effects of indoor pollution so much until the last few years and it really makes so much sense really. It’s much easier in the warmer months to open the windows but it does get trickier in the colder ones. You can’t beat fresh air – you always notice it when you take a visit to the country or high up in the mountains you can certainly ‘feel’ the good health! Thanks for the post.

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