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A Look Inside the Mind with Ralph Eggleston, Inside Out Production Designer

When I left for San Francisco at the end of March I didn’t REALLY realize just how interesting the trip was going to be. Exciting? Of course! Disney trips are ALWAYS exciting and I love the various things that I am able to learn and see that I normally wouldn’t be able to. I love sharing these things with you all, my readers. BUT, with Inside Out, I was blown away at the research that went into this movie and how intrigued I was with every step of the process. This movie is truly out of this world and I’m thrilled to bring you more information today. Getting to take a look Inside the Mind with the makers of this movie was a once in a lifetime experience. 

Inside Out Production Designer #InsideOutEvent

Photo by Debby Coleman. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Inside the Mind with Ralph Eggleston

When I was in San Francisco for the Inside Out Event we got to sit down with many of the people who took part in creating this movie. Today I want to tell you all about our sit down session with Ralph Eggleston, Production Designer at Pixar.  

Ralph Eggleston went to CalArts and studied film, animation, drawing, painting, and more! He worked in live action for a bit but has now found his home at Pixar doing animation. He’s loved cartoons his whole life and finds every film is a 4 year graduate course in the subject of that film (for example: Toy Story is a graduate course in toys, Inside Out is a graduate course in neurons, Wall-E was a graduate course in Space). Ralph is very animated about his job and it’s obvious he loves what he does. 

Ralph Eggleston Production Designer #InsideOutEvent

Photo by Debby Coleman. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Inside Out Production Designer 

Ralph’s job allows him to be one of the first people on the film and one of the last people off of the film. He gets to coordinate with the director on how to visually represent story they are telling. He helps design everything you see on screen: the effects, costumes, hair, textures and more! Sounds fun and exciting, right!?

Inside Out is a movie about the mind. Ralph told us about Inside Out’s big challenge: going back and forth from the real world to the mind world. The challenge involved how to decipher where you are at any given moment so the audience will be able to keep track. One constant is what is known as headquarters in the film. It starts out saturated and over time becomes desaturated. The biggest difference is that the real world is very textural and doesn’t have a lot of dark shadows. The mind world has a lot of saturation, high contrast, and translucent surfaces (grains of sand, ice, flower petals). They did an amazing job at achieving the differences between the two being obvious in the film. 

Sit Down with Ralph Eggleston #InsideOutEvent

(Photo by Marc Flores / Pixar)

Above you can see Ralph in front of a color script for the Inside Out movie.  The color script was amazing to see. It’s something you don’t think of when you watch a movie yet seeing it makes you realize just how much work and talent are put into each film. Ralph spoke of how this color script was the most detailed he’s ever done because of jumping from world to world. They literally made two films at the same time (real world, mind world). 

Ralph told of how the characters being made with particles was initially for the character of Joy. When John Lasseter saw Joy and the particles he said “use it on all the characters!”. It’s a complicated thing to do but the technical crew got into a groove and succeeded! I personally think they did an amazing job! 😉 

I think I could have listened to Ralph talk about this film all day. His passion really exuded and brought about so much excitement! I wish you could have been there but I hope this has helped bring his excitement through to you! Be sure to go see Inside Out next month! 

Inside Out #InsideOutEvent

Here’s the trailer, in case you’ve somehow missed it! 🙂 


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Don’t forget: Go Inside the Mind with Inside Out – In theaters June 19, 2015!! 

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