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Who Am I When…A Look at My Moods #WhenImHungry

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Over the years my moods have changed. They’ve changed drastically with some emotions and not so much with others. Sometimes there are things that make certain moods/emotions better or worse. Recently, I visited Pixar and got a sneak peek at the new Inside Out movie and really got in touch with my emotions and learned about others’ emotions, too. I thought it would be a great time to visit the “Who am I when…” files and go down memory lane. 

Who am I when...various emotions

Who am I when I’m sad? This is definitely one that has changed over time! I use to prefer staying in bed and crying about whatever I was sad about. Now? I just want to be about my husband and talk his ear off about what’s bothering me! lol 

Who am I when I’m Happy? This is a fun one, obviously! I feel bouncy and want to talk, talk, talk with anyone who will listen about my happiness! I’m very generous when I’m happy and love to lift others up with me. I know, I should do this no matter what my mood is! ­čśë Working on that…

Who am I when I’m Mad? Stay away. lol Not so much anymore but when I was younger, my red hair was definitely in line with the stereotype of having a lot of anger. Now, I like to be quiet and think about things and work through them. Can you look at me and see I’m not happy? Absolutely. It’s much calmer these days though! 

Who am I when I’m Disgusted? I talk. I make faces. I shake my head. I run my mouth some more to friends who understand. Then I’m over it and I move on. 

Who am I when I’m scared? It’s often difficult to tell I’m scared. I don’t talk about it. I don’t show anything is bothering me. Unless, of course, there’s a bug nearby…then I’m yelling for my husband to come save the day! 

My hungry Side

Who am I when I’m Hungry? This is another one that’s changed quite a bit. When I was younger I didn’t want to talk or do anything if I was hungry. Nothing, that is, but eat. I couldn’t focus on much of anything, not conversation, not resolving issues, not planning something…I just needed to eat. Today, I try to eat throughout the day so I don’t get to the point of NEEDING to eat. I’m a mama to four though, I work full time, have a blog that needs attention, have a house that needs to be picked up, dinner that needs to be made, and did I mention 3 of those 4 kids are 4 and under? And I have a husband. I wear many, many masks and making sure I can focus on each of these masks when I’m needed is vital. If I feel myself getting in a bit of a mood due to hunger, I make sure to grab a quick snack to keep me going until mealtime! 

Keeping snacks available to focus! #WhenImHungry

 At home, I keep a canister of SNICKERS┬« to satisfy my hunger pains and to prevent them. If I’m working on something around the house or getting ready to go to the park with the kids and I know it’ll be a while before I eat I grab my SNICKERS┬« and keep going! My favorite SNICKERS┬« are the Peanut Butter Squared and the Almond Bars! Yum!! There’s a Family Dollar not far from where we live so I stop in there to stock up on my favorite SNICKERS┬« snacks! 

Snickers Snacks at Family Dollar

The SNICKERS┬« are easy to find, right in the candy aisle! If you prefer, they also have some near the registers! 

Who am I when... #WhenImHungry

I also keep a handful of SNICKERS┬« on my desk at work. There are moments I get frustrated and need some chocolate and nothing satisfies like SNICKERS┬«, in my opinion! Outside of frustration, I am also able to prevent getting too hungry when I’m waiting on my lunch break or when the afternoon seems like it just won’t end! SNICKERS┬« saves my days for sure! 

Snickers saves the day #WhenImHungry

 These are my many, many faces. Hungry can definitely cause some issues if I let it get out of hand. With as many things as I have going on, I need to keep going myself. Sometimes you just need a bit of a boost and my saving grace is in SNICKERS┬«! Here’s another boost – a contest from SNICKERS┬«!! Check it out: 

Enter the SNICKERS┬« “Who are you when you’re hungry?” contest by uploading a personal photo or video from your Computer, Facebook, Instagram or use the SNICKERS┬« Meme Generator to create something new! Voting begins at Noon on 5/11/15 and ends at 11:59:59AM ET on 7/15/15.

See some great SNICKERS┬« recipes and fun stories on the SNICKERS┬« social hub.

What masks do you wear? How does SNICKERS┬« save the day for you? 

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