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Dyeing Eggs Naturally with Foods

It’s time to dye Easter eggs! I’m getting excited and scared (about the mess!) to dye them with the kids! Every time I see those so-called nontoxic Easter egg kits I cringe. I refuse to buy them. Yes, they do make coloring eggs very easy. They are NOT what is right for my kids or my family though. There are ways for dyeing eggs naturally that work much better for my family and for my peace of mind!

Dying Easter Eggs naturally
Our little ones are 4, 3 and 1 this year and the “older” little ones are really excited! Take a look at this infographic from Door to Door Organics that will walk you through dyeing eggs naturally in your home this year:

dyeing eggs naturally with foodWhile you are preparing your colors, you can even have some healthy snacks! 😉 This year I think we are going to make just a few colors since the kids are still pretty young. I am thinking Gold, Green, Pink and Brown (since we have coffee readily available because of hubby we might as well make some brown ones! haha!) I think we’ll make some pastel and some darker eggs. This is an amazing and safe way to color eggs and I, for one, can’t wait to try it!

Dyeing Eggs Naturally – Make it a New Tradition!

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