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Five Tips for Surviving Easter Dinner with Kids #HoneyBakedEaster

Thank you to HoneyBaked Ham for sponsoring today’s topic. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way.

Now that my husband and I have three little ones holidays can be rough. When we had one it wasn’t so bad, especially since he was getting older. Add three little ones four and under to the mix? It creates a lot of stress and makes for a lot of time to get everyone ready for the holiday. Add to that hosting a holiday dinner for the family? Oh yea, it can be enormously stressful if you don’t prepare yourself, the others, and ask for help! Today I want to give my top tips for surviving Easter dinner with kids.

Tips for Surviving Easter Dinner with Kids

The story of Easter
First, prepare the kids. If your kids are anything like mine, they are on a schedule and they are comfortable with knowing what will happen and when it will happen. When a holiday pops up and it changes their entire day, they sometimes don’t react the best. It could be just fussiness here and there, it can be refusing to cooperate or it can lead to full blown out tantrums (thank God, that doesn’t happen often). Talk to the kids several days in advance and let them know that a holiday is coming. Purchase children’s books about the holiday and read them together. It’s a great opportunity to teach them what the holiday is about and to tell them exactly what to expect.

HoneyBaked Easter Dinner
Second, plan the meal. And I mean PLAN ahead of time. Cooking when you have three little ones can be a challenge. For us, we find that ordering a dinner from HoneyBaked Ham is the least stressful way to serve our family members who come for Easter dinner at our house. You can literally pick up everything you need right in your local HoneyBaked Ham store.

HoneyBaked Turkey #HoneyBakedEaster
HoneyBaked Ham has not only the amazing ham they are known for, but they also have delicious turkey (already sliced just as their ham is) that you don’t want to miss out on! This turkey is the best I’ve ever eaten and it’s the easiest too without the requirement of hours to cook it – that’s right! It’s already cooked for you! It’s also available in two varieties: smoked and roasted.

HoneyBaked Ham Side Dishes Side dishes are a plenty at HoneyBaked Ham! Not only side dishes, but amazing dishes that taste so good you’d think grandma made them! We LOVE their Cinnamon Apples and think they are out of this world. The kids could eat them all day. When you are planning Easter dinner, be sure to get things like this that are kid friendly! The Garlic Mashed Potatoes are another favorite in our house!

HoneyBaked Easter dinner
Third, don’t eat too much!
I have to remind myself of this often! Most times it’s not an option to nap after a meal when you have family over! I try to eat smaller portions because I know if I eat too much I’m going to get too sleepy to keep up with the kids and continue entertaining people!

Kid's Table for Easter
Fourth, create a space for the kids to eat. Not only does it make them feel special but it allows for plenty of seating when the adult seats are limited to the number of seats you have at your dining room table. Sometimes it’s not enough for everyone that shows up so having the smaller kids set beside your bigger table at their own table will create more seating spaces and keep everyone happy!

Easter Game Fun
Finally, create some age boxes for entertainment. We have a couple of pieces of furniture like above at our house with the storage boxes. They are perfect for creating various age entertainment boxes. By age entertainment boxes I mean gather some age appropriate activities and make a box for baby, 1-2 year olds, 3-5 year olds, 6-10 year olds etc. based on the ages of your children and the children that will be attending your holiday gathering. These will keep everyone busy and happy with fun things to do! Add some board games for the teens and adults on top and you’ve got everyone covered!

Successful Easter Dinner with Kids

Having a successful Easter dinner with kids is possible. It’s not only possible but it easier than you think when you take these tips into account. One of  the biggest keys, in my opinion, is to treat yourself by stopping by HoneyBaked Ham for the entire meal! It’s delicious and will take less time, giving you more time to enjoy the quality time with your kids and extended family! Don’t forget to print off this HoneyBaked Ham coupon to save some money on your delicious meal! Enjoy your holiday!

Happy Easter from Mama on a Green Mission! Thank you HoneyBaked Ham for sponsoring today’s tips!

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