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Easy Ways to Go Green and Make a Difference

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Did you resolve to be more green in 2015? Is the thought of making green changes in your busy life a bit overwhelming? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can still make a difference! Together, small change by small change, we can all make a big difference for our planet! There a small changes you can make in your home that don’t take much effort from you at all and you’ll be making a bigger impact than you think! Easy ways to go green? You bet!

Easy Ways to Go Green

Easy Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen

One of the first things I always suggest is recycling. Recycling may seem like a lot of work but truly, it’s not. I promise you! If it seems too overwhelming start by doing one room or one type at a time. You can start in just your bathroom or kitchen. You can start with just cardboard, glass or plastic. It’s up to you. What ever seems easiest, go with it and resolve to add to it week by week or month by month.

Recycle Kitchen Products
I keep this Rubbermaid Hidden Recycle Bin in my kitchen for easy access. I’m able to put food boxes in it and just take all of them at the end of the week to our recycle center. I could also add glass/plastic bottles if I wanted to empty it more often. It’s easy to recycle food boxes instead of throwing them away. It’s just a matter of which bin you put them in: recycle or trash. Join me in making the choice that’s better for our planet!

Recycle_KitchenThe kitchen is the biggest area for recycling in our home. You can recycle beverage containers, food containers, dish/appliances boxes and more!

Another kitchen related way to make a small change it to use reusable grocery bags when bringing your groceries home! Plastic bags can build up fast and as fast as yours build up, think about how many people in the world each have as many as you do!! Make this small change now and help make a big difference!

Reusable_Grocery_BagI simply keep the reusable grocery bags inside one of the bags in the back of my van so I don’t have any excuse to not use them! They are no more work than the plastic bags and they are actually more sturdy! Bonus! 😉

Easy Ways to Go Green with Energy Consumption

Not only can being green help the planet, but there’s another kind of green we can all use more of! When thinking green with your energy some of the things you can do that take very little effort can also put extra money in your wallet!

Appliance_TimersOne of my favorite ways to be more green is to utilize the delay starts on my appliances like the washer and dishwasher specifically. I’ll get a load of laundry ready and set the delay start to begin an hour before I get up in the morning so as soon as I get up I can toss the clothes in the dryer. I also set the timer on the dishwasher to start in the middle of the night. These are fantastic ways to minimize energy demand during peak hours during the day. Depending on where you live and what type of electric meter your home is outfitted with, you may pay less for off-peak energy, too! Washing clothing in cold water is another great way to save energy that would be used to heat the water!

LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls #FluffyXmas
While we are on the topic of laundry, dryer balls are a great way to speed up drying time to use less energy, too! Not to mention they add some fun and pretty colors to a boring job! 😉

Hunter Internet ThermostatIt’s winter here in Michigan and it’s been a COLD one! We’ve had temps down to -25 with windchill and even near that without windchill. We always have our thermostat programmed to a lower temperature during the hours we will not be at home. You can save approximately 20% a year on heating bills by adjusting your thermostat 4-8 degrees!

Another very easy change is to change your lightbulbs to CFL or LED lights. CFLs use over 78% less energy than standard 60W incandescent bulbs! LED bulbs can use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer! Change the bulbs and then forget about them – what an easy way to be green!

The products you buy can even make an impact on the planet! Energizer’s new EcoAdvanced battery is one way to make a green change! This is the first battery on the market to use recycled batteries/materials and is Energizer’s longest lasting alkaline ever! It is available in AA and AAA battery sizes. It’s guilt free energy, isn’t that the best kind!?

EcoAdvanced batteries from Energizer #BringingInnovationThese new Energizer batteries are readily available at Walmart in the Battery Center right by the checkout counter! I love that Walmart and Energizer can help us go green, too! Bringing Innovation – That’s Positive Energy! 😉 You can get more information by following Energizer on Twitter, by liking Energizer on Facebook or following on Energizer on Instagram (my favorite form of social media!).

Easy Ways to Go Green and Have Fun

I love to do crafts with the kids and we try our hardest to reuse products/packaging when we can! One thing I made with the kids a few years back was creating a memory game from our boxes.

Toddler Matching is Fun
You can read more about this DIY Shapes Memory Game here!

St Patrick's Day Votive Holders
What’s more fun than reusing things around the house to create fun holiday decor!? We made gorgeous St Patrick’s Day Votive holders that you can check out, too!

Going green doesn’t have to be hard! There are so many easy things you can do. The DIY projects from reused materials don’t have to be the prettiest things ever – the quality time you spend with the kids will be the reward! It’s all about small changes, big differences and together we’ll make this world a better place for our families!

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What are your tips for easy ways to go green?

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  1. Awesome tips!! We’re working on changing over to EcoAdvanced batteries, and changing out our light bulbs. I need to get some of those dryer balls because our dryer (which also needs to be replaced) is not the most efficient! #client
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  2. Keara B. says:

    These are fabulous tips. 🙂 I love the hanging recycle bin… we have a tiny tupperware under our sink that constantly needs to be emptied. The hanging bin would be perfect for us! 🙂

  3. courtney b says:

    we don’t use paper or plastic anymore at the grocery store we simply bring our own eco friendly bags!!!

    Thanks :!)

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