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Cinderella – A Must See Movie!

Having three little ones four and under I don’t find myself watching many movies that aren’t cartoons. When I heard Disney was making a new Cinderella movie (non-cartoon), I knew from that moment I needed to see it. I waited and waited like an impatient little girl. The excitement built up in me and the day finally arrived. That’s right, I attended a press screening of Cinderella and quickly fell in love with the movie all over again, but in a different way this time.

Cinderella Movie
When I was a little girl I dreamed a lot. I was the one who loved princess dresses, dreamed of a huge wedding where I was marrying my prince and wanted everything the world had to offer. There were times in my life I felt held back, just like Cinderella. I found myself really connecting to the character over the years. Cinderella was one of my favorites when I was a little girl. The cartoon was amazing, to say the least.

The cartoon is a classic, but what about making it as a live-action movie that adults can enjoy and relate to? Well, I tell you (as an adult) it is amazing! My eyes were glued to the screen throughout the entire film. There were tears in my eyes, there was laughter, there were times I could just melt over the love felt, and times I wanted to stand up for Cinderella when her step-mother was treating her badly. There were times I wanted to cheer her on when she finally stood up for herself. I connected to the movie again, in a new non-cartoon way. I connected with her as a woman who has been through some tough times and as a women who is in love.

Lily James does such an amazing job playing the character of Cinderella and you really feel like she’s the girl next door that you want to protect and encourage. In the beginning of the movie Cinderella is left with words from her mother to “always have courage and be kind” and throughout the movie that is just what you see from her. She exuded kindness in all situations. When she met her prince on his horse the connection was out of this world. (And ladies, those blue eyes of Mr. Richard Madden? Oh. My. Goodness.) It’s the love at first sight feeling that so many long for…and as a viewer, I could almost feel their love by watching their eyes. I’m sure I had a giddy little love smile on my face in the theater. Disney has done an awesome job at turning the cartoon story into a live action film that adults can enjoy! If you’ve ever loved Cinderella, this is must-see for you!

Before the movie started, I wondered if the movie was made in a way that my three year old daughter would enjoy it. I can honestly say that I do not think she would have sat through the entire movie. It is definitely geared more toward young ladies and adults. It’s the perfect “girls night out” movie, as I don’t know that my husband would have liked it much either (only because he’s not into romance movies). The story, to me, was great. The acting was awesome. The emotions I felt during the movie? Real and heart-touching.

As far as a rating, I’d give Cinderella five out of five stars! As in amazing. Awesome. Loved it. Go see it.

In theaters today, March 13!

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