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Five Teacher Friendly Valentine’s Day Party Treats

Being that my husband is an elementary school teacher, I get to hear all of the stories about his class. It’s quite fun and even entertaining sometimes, but I also get to hear his frustrations. With classroom parties there can be great fun but also trouble. I hear from my husband often about the treats that are brought in and how many times they cause problems in the classroom or with certain students. There are many things that should be considered when thinking about the treats your child will take for their Valentine’s Day party.

Valentine's Day Treats

With Valentine’s parties coming up now is the perfect time to think about what you’ll have your child take to class!

Five teacher friendly Valentine’s Day Party Treats that everyone will love!

Pencils for Valentine's Day

  1. Pencils! Everyone loves a fun pencil! Students love having something new to write with and they enjoy the designs. Teachers love this idea as it inspires students to practice handwriting and doesn’t contain sugar! 😉 You can get these pencils at Oriental Trading or many other designs or you can pick some up locally! It’s an inexpensive way to share a fun treat!
  2. Fruit! Fruit is a healthy snack that we parents can appreciate! Teachers also love seeing this in the classroom instead of candy! I found some super cute printables to go with apples and oranges that would make this an even cuter treat! Teacher Friendly Valentine's Party Treats
  3. Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks – Fruit snacks that don’t have any of the “bad stuff” are definitely a plus if you want to give a sweet treat to your child’s classmates. This year they have these super cute packages that are ready to have the recipient’s name written on – easy peasy treats that work for everyone! Valentine_Sized
  4. Sticker Sheets – You can buy stickers at the dollar store and separate the sheets from the packages! You can click on the above cards to open the full-sheet size cards to attach to the sticker sheets!
  5. Heart-Shaped Crayons – If you think about it, in August school supplies are super cheap so buy lots of extra crayons for projects like this! Here’s a tutorial to make shaped crayons that Mom Spotted did with making Christmas Tree Crayons a few months ago. It’s the same thing, just get a heart shaped pan instead! 🙂

It’s not hard to find healthier and fun options for Valentine’s Day parties! Be sure to keep in mind that food dyes like red #40 affects some kids, peanuts are a no-no and sugary candies – well, let’s just say the teacher doesn’t need hyper kids to have to calm down! 😉

What Valentine’s Day party treats do you plan on sending to school with your child?


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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  1. As a teacher’s wife, thank you for this. 🙂 You also gave me some good (and healthy) ideas for my daughter’s preschool Valentine’s Day party. I’m in charge of snack and really didn’t want to just bring a bunch of candy!

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