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My Baby is a YoBaby!

My baby just turned one this month! Can you believe it?! She’s the baby of our family and I refuse to call her a toddler just yet. She’s still OUR baby! As with her brothers and sister I always read labels, try hard give them things that are healthy for them and try to do the things that are best for them but also work for our family.

Annie 1 year old
Annie’s birthday cake was the first time she had the taste of anything sweet. We all need treats once in a while, right? 😉 Annie had a BIG month! She started walking the weekend before her birthday and now crawling is a thing of the past! This girl hasn’t stopped walking and is getting faster and faster! She gets the honor of having her big sister celebrate her birthday at the same time since the girls were born 2 years and 4 days apart. It’s amazing watching them grow and it’s crazy how quickly things change. One thing that hasn’t changed though is our love for Stonyfield. YoBaby yogurt has been a part of our family for several years. LA is now 4 1/2, Addy is 3 and we used YoBaby with both of them. Stonyfield recently sent us some coupons for free YoBaby yogurt and Annie was just as excited as I was!

YoBaby Yogurt
Both of my girls LOVE yogurt. It’s like a special treat for them that I love giving them! It’s funny how similar Annie is to Addy already. I remember when Addy was a baby learning to eat she was Miss Independent. She would scream so loud if we didn’t let her feed herself. No matter how messy it was she wanted to do it by herself. Annie is very similar! She doesn’t scream quite as loud, but she will make it known when she wants to feed herself. I even let her eat her YoBaby yogurt by herself sometimes! She loves chunks of frozen fruit with her yogurt and will eat like a champion any time I out these items on her tray.

YoToddler by StonyfieldLA and Addy have “graduated” now to eating YoKids and YoToddler versions of Stonyfield but no matter which selection, we remain a Stonyfield family. Why? Because we can trust Stonyfield. I want my kids to be healthy and I want to provide them with the best possible options. I trust that Stonyfield wants the same for my family. Their YoBaby is a safe and healthy first food for baby because it is made from whole milk, real fruit and organic ingredients. They are non-GMO, no artificial flavors, no growth hormones or antibiotics. That is why I trust Stonyfield in my house with my kids.

Happy birthday to my baby girl, and happy birthday to YoBaby! That’s right YoBaby is SIXTEEN years old!! Oh, how times flies! How are you celebrating YoBaby?

I am a Stonyfield YoGetter blogger. All opinions are 100% my own and we really do LOVE Stonyfield Yogurt in our house!

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