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How We Are Surviving Potty Training #PUBigKid

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We are currently working on potty training child #3 and our first girl. It is different this time around, but there are also some similarities. We’ve found that different things work with different kids and of course, they each potty train in their own time. My boys were both over three when they fully potty trained. Addy is on track to fully potty train before three. Not only is potty training stressful for parents, but it’s also stressful on the little one trying to learn. Keep that in mind and you’ll all get through it with a few helpful tips! 

Nighttime Potty Training Tips

Addy is 99% potty trained during the day right now. We are still working to get through each night and nap time. For nighttime potty training we do a few things differently. We make sure she only gets a few sips of water before bedtime and never send her to bed with a sippy cup. Luckily, my kids haven’t ever fallen asleep with sippy cups or bottles so this wasn’t too hard of an adjustment for us. We just have to watch the clock and stick to no drinks after a certain time. If your child is used to a sippy cup or bottle at bedtime, you’ll definitely want to cut this out. It may be a tough transition, but it is needed for nighttime potty training. 

Nighttime potty training #PUBigKid #CBias

Addy does pretty well but she’s not yet at the stage of being able to wear underwear during the night, so we turn to the help of Pull-Ups® training pants. After much discussion, we decided that Pull-Ups® are the best decision for our family. I value the advice of the Pull-Ups® Big Kid Academy and here’s what they say about nighttime training: 

When it’s time for bed, take extra steps to make your child comfortable. Have them wear Pull-Ups® Night*Time Training Pants because they have extra absorbency and help maintain consistency with potty training. Also make sure that your child’s path to the bathroom is well lit — and free of toys. Keep a nightlight on in the bathroom overnight, so your child can find everything they need.

Addy’s bedroom isn’t far from our bathroom and she has a nightlight in her room and we keep one in the bathroom, too. It helps her when she wakes at night to safely get to the bathroom.  

After a successful dry night don’t be afraid to celebrate! Give a morning reward, call grandma or dance around the family room! Let your child know how excited and proud you are! 

General Potty Training Tips

Rewards Chart #PUBigKidRewards work! They do in our house anyway! 😉 We all love rewards and kids are no exception. We use a magnetic responsibility chart with daily “to-do” things and include potty training activities like waking up dry and going potty before nap. In the beginning we give a reward every day. After a few weeks we give a reward every 2-3 days and later on in potty training we reward weekly. The chart allows your little one to SEE how well they are doing and how close they are to a reward. Rewards can be as simple as a sticker or a piece of candy. We like to make and print our own stickers so they are a bit bigger and more like a “ribbon” to show their success. Here are the most recent ones we’ve made and I made it into a printable for you! You’ll just need sticker paper to print on or you can print and laminate them to pin on their shirt, too! 


Click here for the girl printable version for an 8 1/2 X 11 paper size (print in landscape). 

Printable potty reward stickers #PUBigKidClick here for the boy printable version for an 8 1/2 X 11 paper size (print in landscape). 

 These stickers really cater to the success of potty training and allow your little one to show off to everyone that they are a big kid! 

Another big thing needed for potty training is patience! It will happen, be patient and understanding and everyone will get through it! 🙂 

Easy Open Sides on Pull-Ups #PUBigKid #CBias

The Benefits of Usings Pull-Ups® Training Pants

  1. Another awesome feature is that only Pull-Ups® can be opened without tearing. Their Easy Open sides are genius and make potty training that much more easy! 
  2.  Disney characters that kids love!
  3.  Pull-Ups® training pants help your little one gain confidence in going potty! 

I love that Pull-Ups® training pants are available at our local Kroger store. I can just pick them up when I’m doing my weekly grocery shopping and it’s incredibly convenient. 

Pull-Ups at Kroger #PUBigKid #CBias

They are easily found in the diaper/baby aisle and Pull-Ups® training pants are available in 2T–3T (18- 34 lbs); 3T–4T (32–40 lbs) and 4T–5T (38+ lbs). They also feature new designs that include Doc McStuffins and princesses for girls and Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Lightning McQueen for boys! There are three different kinds of gender and size specific training pants that include: Cool Alert®, Learning Designs®, Night*Time Training Pants. Lots of variety and something to fit everyone’s need! 

Pull-Ups training pants for potty training nights #PUBigKid #CBias

Here’s the front of the Pull-Ups® with some of Addy’s favorite characters! This also helps in potty training because she WANTS to wear her Pull-Ups® and doesn’t want to get her favorite characters wet or dirty! 😉

Back of Pull-Ups #PUBigKid

Even the back has an adorable design! 

We’ve had great success using Pull-Ups® with Addy and she really responds to having her favorite characters on her training pants. She loves seeing the characters but also loves being able to pull her own “pants” up and down when she goes potty, and I love knowing she’s protected against wetness – just in case. Addy is also big on her responsibility chart – it’s made a big difference in our potty training success. 

Success with Pull-Ups® #PUBigKid


What are some of your potty training success stories? What works for your little one? Leave a comment and let me know! 


Be sure to follow Pull-Ups® on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube for more awesome tips! Don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes below before you go! Good luck with your potty training ventures! 😉 


Pull-Ups and GoodNites Potty Training Sweepstakes

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  1. Sabrina R says:

    I love the printables! Super cute idea and fun for little ones to even help make their own rewards!

  2. My best tips are don’t pressure or force your child to use the potty, they will be ready when they are ready. And don’t be above giving rewards. A jar of m&ms can make all the difference!

  3. Pull-Ups are amazing, and I did not know they had Tangled designs. My daughter is going to freak out when I get those for her! We have TWO that are beginning to potty-train, and I think we just need to lay down some plastic on the carpets and have a naked weekend and see what happens. We used Pull-Ups with our oldest and they helped us do night training quickly!
    Mandi recently posted…GAP Deals! Save An Extra 10% on Uniforms!My Profile

  4. We were lucky. We went straight from diapers to potty trained. Of course it helped that our girls were so small, they stayed in small diapers for a long time.
    Scott recently posted…Show Me the… Kwan?My Profile

  5. We used pull ups with our son. He loved all the designs. I love the chart you have! It makes kids so motivated I think.
    Brandy M recently posted…How To Make A Fleece Scarf With No SewingMy Profile

  6. Potty training was definitely not easy! We are still not trained at night! I love Pull Ups!

  7. Great tips, potty training is tough for parents as it’s something they can’t ‘force’ or do FOR their children, the kids are in charge and that can often be a challenge. Great giveaway!
    Jen A recently posted…South Lake Tahoe: Heavenly Gondola Ride in Photos @skiheavenly #laketahoeMy Profile

  8. I trained my son in a weekend out of necessity! My husband had to go out of town for business for a week and I’d just had surgery on my elbow, I physically couldn’t change a diaper! So thankful that with the help of Pull-Ups® our experience was a good one! #client
    Emily recently posted…Join the fun #WhipItUpWednesday craft, recipe, and DIY linky party!My Profile

  9. I’m so glad to be out of this stage but I’m loving these pull ups!!
    Raijean recently posted…Movie Report: New Releases for the Week of January 23, 2015My Profile

  10. We are just starting this and it’s a total uphill battle here. I think he’s going to be my hardest one.
    Jennifer @ Mom Spotted recently posted…Whole Foods Market has Opened in Boston’s South End {$50 Gift Card Giveaway}My Profile

  11. Potty training is probably one of my least favorite things to do. We do love using pull-ups though because Shelby can easily get them on and off by herself. Cute printables!

  12. We love Pull Ups! Potty training can be rough, but these have most certainly helped make it easier, since they’re SO cute to wear and easy for parents (like us) to use and take off when we need to.

  13. What cute prints my girls would go nuts for those. Potty training definitely takes lots of patience I am on the other side right now but was in the trenches a few months ago.
    Ellen That Chic Mom recently posted…How I Survive Cold & Flu Season with 5 KidsMy Profile

  14. I should try a sticker chart – it’d force me to make it a habit (I think I need to train myself to make potty time happen just as much as he needs to learn the whole thing!).

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