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Sea Life Michigan Aquarium Opens THIS WEEK! Check Out Our Sneak Peek!

This past week my family and I got to take part in the media preview of the Sea Life Michigan Aquarium! It was incredibly exciting to be there and to be some of the first people to get a look inside. Sea Life Michigan opens THIS Thursday, January 29th and you do not want to miss out! The aquarium is an interactive, educational and fun place for families to visit and I’m excited that it’s right here in Michigan and thankful that it’s only 15 minutes from my house! 😉 Take a look at some of our memories…warning: picture overload is about to happen! 

Sea Life Michigan Aquarium #SeaLifeMi

Sea Life Michigan is located inside Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Center in Auburn Hills. It’s just inside of entrance #7 right beside the Rainforest Cafe. 

Sea Life Michigan #SeaLifeMi

No doubt, this place was designed with kids in mind. There are so many places kids can go into, “bubbles” kids can get into to feel like they are really a part of the sea. It’s so awesome! 

Sting Ray at Sea Life
I love the tanks that are taller than the kids! My little ones watched and watched the creatures inside! 

Touch Pool Michigan #SeaLifeMi

There is also a touchpool where the kids have a chance to touch, feel and hold some real sea creatures!

Sea Life Michigan Touch Pool
I love that they have a hands on area for the kids. 

Sea Life Kids
More of the “bubbles”…they loved them, if you can’t tell! 😉 

Sea Life Turtle

Here’s a Sea Life turtle. We truly enjoyed seeing all of the creatures up close and personal!

Sea Life Sting Ray
This is one of my favorite photos of the day. I loved seeing just how intrigued they were with the creatures! 

Sea Life Aquarium in Michigan

Lots of fish! 

Sea Life Tunnel

Addy enjoying the view of the giant tanks!

Sea Life Aquarium Tunnel

Another favorite photo from the day: Addy walking through the gorgeous walk-through tunnel at the Sea Life Aquarium.

Sea Life Play Place

Near the end of the walk-through there was even a play place for kids ages 4-12. I do recommend you follow the age guidelines as it wouldn’t be easy for small kids to get down if they climb too high and they could hurt themselves. My 4 year old loved it! 

Sea Life Aquarium View

Addy checking out a tank up close and personal! 


 At the end, there’s also a gift shop and an option to get your family photo taken as a souvenir. It really is an incredible place! 

After my visit, here are my tips for when you plan your visit: 

  1. Make a day of it! Get the family together for a day full of fun! The Sea Life Aquarium is located inside of Great Lakes Crossing. You can shop, eat and have fun! There’s a food court for lunch. There’s a carousel for the kids to ride (for a small cost), a play place right in the middle of the food court and a movie theater! Even if you have teens and smaller children, everyone can find something to do here! There are even sit down restaurants so you can have a nice family dinner together! There are also hotels right outside of Great Lakes Crossing and you can make a weekend of it if you’d like!
  2. Take your time! We weren’t sure how much there really was and we wanted to make sure to get through the aquarium before the kids got too hungry or tired so we rushed, unfortunately. There were things we missed. There were things we wish we had spent more time looking at. Take your time, enjoy it and get your money’s worth. 
  3. There are no food/drinks allowed inside. With little ones, this can be tough sometimes. Eat a snack and drink BEFORE going into the aquarium so they don’t get hungry and you don’t have to rush. Also, take them to the bathroom before hand as there is a bathroom inside of the aquarium but by the play area near the end of the aquarium. 
  4. If you plan to go, you still have time to buy the tickets at a discounted rate before they open to the public! Get your discounted Sea Life Michigan tickets today!

What are you most excited to see at Sea Life Michigan?


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