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Monster Jam Madness in Detroit

Disclosure: We received tickets to this event at no charge. All opinions are 100% honest and not influenced in any way. 

I knew when I had a son that my life would now be ruled by cars, sports and all things boy. So the last four years have been filled with numerous different car/truck events, and I’ve learned to love all the same things he loves. So, I was just as excited to go to Monster Jam as he was. It just so happened to be my son’s birthday weekend so it was perfect timing for the event to double as a birthday present. I had been to monster truck events before, but this was my first event at Ford Field and it’s the perfect venue for monster truck madness.

We arrived an hour and a half prior to the start of the show, and we were excited to see a pit party happening in the arena. My son couldn’t wait to get to our seats, he was so excited to see the trucks and all the excitement going on. As we were walking to our section, we ran into some friends and our sons got a chance to get a peek at the action going on before the event.

Monster Jam in Detroit at Ford Field

 The event started right on time and we were elated for the excitement to begin. Of course my son has a collection of monster trucks at home, so he was excited to see some of his favorites: Grave Digger, Max D, and El Toro Loco. We were also excited to see some new trucks we had never seen before. Two of the trucks were driven by female drivers, which I thought was pretty neat. One of the female driven trucks looked like a Dalmatian and since my son is obsessed right now with Marshall from Paw Patrol, that truck was one of his favorites of the night.

Monster Jam trucks

Monster Trucks at Monster Jam

To start the event the monster trucks race in a qualifying event. Two trucks are matched head to head for a race, and while racing they do a few jumps and tricks to get the crowd riled up. The head to head competition is timed and the truck with the best time wins the round. Then the two trucks in the end with the best times go head to head and there is one winner determined. My favorite truck was Max D, also known as Maximum Destruction, and he was matched with El Toro Loco for the final qualifying event. Max D won the qualifying round with the best time so he came out and did a free-style show with fire shooting out of the back of his truck!

Monster Jam at Ford Field

After the head to head competition comes everyone’s favorite, free-style!!! This is where the trucks each have 90 seconds to woo the crowd and a panel of judges scores their run. This is where the trucks try their best to get big air, crush cars, do wheelies, donuts and go wild! One truck called Crushstation, that looks like a lobster, got a little out of control right off the bat. It was doing a wheelie stand and flipped forward and flopped right into the stands! This is why they block off the bottom 20 rows around the arena, but it’s things like this that make the crowd go wild! Of course the crowd also goes wild to see the favs like Grave Digger and Max D. Another of my favorite trucks was called Mohawk Warrior! The truck and the driver had pretty cool mohawks. Mohawk Warrior won the free-style competition scoring the most points.

Ford Field Monster Jam

In between the events, while the trucks were taking a break, there would be races on the arena. There were small trucks rally racing, demolition cars racing and even trailer racing! Trailer racing was our favorite, it was hilarious to see these cars pull trailers and of course they all crashed into each other and demolished all the trailers.

It was such an exciting show! My son was so happy to get to go to the Monster Jam for his birthday and we enjoyed the show and seeing the excitement on his face.

Be sure to visit Monster Jam when it comes to your city, or Detroit fans…Monster Jam will be back February 28!! Get your tickets and enjoy the show!


Post by Mama on a Green Mission Contributor: 

Melissa Siggy

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