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2015 Brings Fun and Healthy Toddler Meals and Snacks

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One of my resolutions for this year is to not only eat healthier myself, but make sure everyone in my family eats healthier. I have my work cut out for me though because I have a 2 and a 4 year old. If you are a parent you know just how picky kids can be at those ages. It seems like if chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese were the only two things in the world to eat they would be completely fine with that. Eating healthier myself is a mindset. For my children, I have been on a mission to create fun and healthy toddler meals and snacks to help me accomplish my goal with them!

I’ve found if I make their food fun they are more likely to eat it. Think about it…if you put a spoonful of spinach on your child’s plate, would s/he eat it? Probably not. If you add spinach into a frosty treat like a smoothie s/he’ll never know it’s there and they get all of the nutrients!

Fun and healthy toddler snacks
I have said for the longest time now that I need to start making fruit and veggie smoothies for the kids. I’ve been so busy though that I never made it a priority. This year that has changed. Along with my resolution to create fun and healthy kids meals and snacks, I decided smoothies would be a great way to get their (and my) fruits and veggies down! I don’t usually have trouble getting them to eat fruits, but veggies? Always a problem in this house. They each like about, oh…one veggie. Yes, that’s it.

Stonyfield Yogurt in Smoothies
I simply buy frozen, cut up fruits from the grocery store. Most recently I’ve bought strawberries and mango. I add in some Stonyfield yogurt, a tad bit of milk (coconut milk tastes great, too), spinach, carrots and a banana or two to sweeten it up and I blend away! I’ve even used left over baby food (since Annie would never eat it!). We have carrots and peas to use up so why not toss them into the blender? The kids LOVE smoothies and even consider them to be a dessert. They even want seconds, which I am totally fine with! (Insert evil laugh here!) They don’t even know they are eating their veggies for the day! 😉

Fun and Healthy Toddler Meals

Another way that I’ve been able to get them to eat healthier foods is to make their meals and snacks fun! I’ve really gotten into Bento Box style fun for our meals at home. I love looking Bento Boxes up on Instagram or Pinterest to get ideas. Who wouldn’t love to eat food that looks awesome!?

fun and healthy toddler meals
This particular lunch was made with chicken breast deli meat and cheese rolls, half of a banana with dark chocolate chip eyes, and a Stonyfield YoKids Squeeze. Yes, they asked for seconds.

YoKids Squeeze
They love yogurt, but they do tire of eating it out of a regular yogurt cup. The YoKids Squeeze makes it more fun! The dark chocolate chips are used with the banana to create a “ghost” (even though it’s not Halloween time they still love things like this). the chocolate chips are a special treat, too!

Animal themed lunches
The chicken breast and cheese were rolled up and held together with food picks and forks that I found on Amazon. They love eating their food with toddler sized picks and forks! Instead of the forks and picks, sometimes I will also use cookie cutters to cut their bread into shapes for fun sandwiches. There are so many fun ideas for kids’ food! Start searching and you’ll find some amazing mamas who can make their kids eat anything with the help of the presentation! 😉

Dinner has been the biggest challenge with fun meals thus far. It’s not always easy to make what I cook for the whole family into a fun meal. That’s where I’ve got to get creative! lol I’m still working on it, but over all the fun meals for the toddlers has made them into better eaters. Healthier eaters. I’m loving it!

What are your eating goals for the year? Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat healthy? What are your tricks?

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