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Sponsor Spotlight: Tidy Tots Diapering System #FluffyXMas

After cloth diapering three little ones in a four year time span, I’ve tried many, many different kinds of diapers. It’s been no secret that my favorite kinds of diapers are AIO and AI2 diapers, which is why I was so excited about partnering with Tidy Tots in the Merry Fluffy Christmas event. The Tidy Tots diapering system is an amazing diapering system that is an AI2 diaper. Tidy Tots DiapersOne super awesome thing, first off, is that Tidy Tots comes in READY TO USE packages! You can get a set with either two or six covers that comes with everything you need to get started in cloth diapering! The set above is what I received for review. It has your covers, inserts, boosters, flushies and a wetbag! It’s the perfect gift for new moms, baby showers and more! I also love how eco-friendly their packaging is…it’s all packaged in the wet bag that can be used for your diapers! Genius, right!?

Tidy Tots diapers Tidy Tots has some super amazing prints and colors available! We cloth diapering mamas know how important that is! 😉 I counted eight prints and ten solids available! The above is one of my absolute favorite, it’s called Star Chaser. Their covers are hook and loop closure with fabulous strength! It’s not easy for baby to take it off and it stays in place! Hook and loop is my favorite type of closure, especially for the times I am going through right now with baby Annie: rolling over and wanting to move in the midst of a change!

Laundry Tabs The back (and the front) of this diaper cover has the panels to prevent leaks. The elastic across the back also prevents blow outs! The laundry tabs on Tidy Tots are very similar in style to others I’ve used. The strength on these, again, is amazing! There have been no diaper chains in our laundry and I’ve washed these a few times with our other diapers. I always make sure to attach the tabs prior to putting the diaper into the wetbag to prevent any damage to other diapers from the hook and loop. While we are on the topic of laundering…I have to thank Tidy Tots! I use natural fibers often and it’s a pain to have to wash them 6-8 times for full absorbancy prior to using them. If I get new diapers I want to use them, not wash them forever and who has time for that?! Tidy Tots inserts are hemp and they come READY TO USE! They just rock, don’t they?! I wash the covers with the diaper laundry, but then I do not put them in the dryer to save on the PUL. I hang them to dry.

Hemp InsertsTidy Tots inserts are EASY to use! There is no folding necessary. They have reinforced ends that snap into the cover both in front and back. The inserts and boosters are 100% organic hemp. You can stuff the inserts with up to three boosters depending on how heavy of a wetter you have. Another super awesome feature of these diaper inserts is that they are made to be used with liners and they keep liners in place! Do you see those aplix tabs on the insert? The ones on the outside are made to hold the liner in place. The liner also goes over the snaps prior to snapping into the cover so that it doesn’t move and scrunch up when baby has it on, unlike many other liners I’ve tried. I personally had given up on liners before but now….I’m love them again! The inner tab is used as a laundry tab so the aplix doesn’t attach to other diapers during washing and drying. I haven’t had any of these come apart and attach to other diapers in the wash the few times I’ve washed them but I do worry about that! I’m a worry wart! 😉

Tidy_Tots_InnerYou can see how the reinforced ends of the insert snap into the cover. It’s the same in the front and the back. Most other AI2 diapers I’ve used have one snap in front and back or just one in back so this was a tad bit more work but definitely worth it when you take into account that the liner stays put.

Tidy Tots Diapers If you noticed on the picture at the top of this post, there are no snaps to adjust the rise. The only way this diaper adjusts to fit babies from 10-40 pounds is by the elastic around the legs. Yes, that’s it! Amazing, right!? The hook and loop is also another adjustment you can make, but there is no manual adjustment that needs to be done, it all happens on it’s own when you put the diaper on baby. It’s genius! Keep in mind though that the rise will be higher on smaller babies than what you may be used to since there’s no way to adjust the rise.

All In Two Cloth Diaper My final favorite when it comes to Tidy Tots diapers is the gussets. They work so well and we’ve not had any leaks. Annie is nearing 10 months old and these fit amazingly well and are pretty trim. I can imagine on a newborn or a tinier baby there may be some bulkiness to deal with but, in my opinion, worth it for a great diapering system. They also have newborn size diapers available for those babies under 10 pounds.

I’ve heard some say that Tidy Tots are too much work so I wanted to try them for myself. In all honesty, they do take a bit of work. It’s not an AIO that you just put on and go. It’s not a pocket, which requires work – folding and stuffing inserts. It’s an AI2 that requires snapping inserts in (no fold inserts, mind you) and a few extra steps to use a liner (that’s not required, by the way) if you chose to do so. A liner in any diaper is a few extra steps. For me, a lover of AI2 systems, it’s not been a problem. The organic hemp inserts and amazing leg gussets with no leaks and the amazing hook and loop closure are well worth any extra steps! Mama on a Green Mission loves Tidy Tots! <3

The incredibly generous people at Tidy Tots is giving one lucky reader an Essentials Set in the Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway! Be sure you stop by and enter to win before the end of the event!

Thank you, Tidy Tots for partnering with me and for giving me another love in the fluff world!

What questions do YOU have about Tidy Tots?

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