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Sponsor Spotlight: LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls #FluffyXmas

Can you believe it’s been over four years since I started my cloth diapering journey? That’s right, four years and three kids later and I can say that I’ve definitely had the chance to try numerous diapers and accessories. I, of course, have my favorites and that’s why I’m thrilled to be partnering with LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls in the Merry Fluffy Christmas event! Wool dryer balls are a MUST for this mama, so let me tell you about them! 

My wool dryer ball stash is made up of about 12 balls. Believe it or not, almost all of them are the same plain color. Yes, I’ll admit, I’ve been a plain boring mama when it came to laundering fluff. Thanks to LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls this has recently changed! LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls #FluffyXmasLooHoo recently sent me some color wool dryer balls for review. They are also one of the sponsors in the my Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway package! There are several reasons I love wool dryer balls so let me tell you why!

  1. Wool dryer balls reduce the amount of chemicals in our home. We haven’t used dryer sheets in years. The amount of chemicals in them is scary and because they have chemicals in them, the chemicals get into our clothing and onto our skin. I’m so happy to be rid of dryer sheets. 
  2. With dryer balls, we conserve energy and save money! In addition to no longer buying dryer sheets, our loads of laundry dry faster. When using multiple LooHoos it creates a constant motion allowing more air to circulate around the wet laundry so your clothes will dry faster.
  3. They work great with cloth diapers! I’m an all-in-one and all-in-2 lovin mama and my AIOs dry quicker with LooHoos!
  4. Wool dryer balls naturally soften clothes and wool has the ability to absorb toxins and odor making clothes fresher!
  5. They last forever! I’ve been using many of the wool dryer balls in my stash for years. They last a long time! LooHoo does recommend adding a refresher pack every four months if you are using them regularly. 

Loohoo Dryer Balls

LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls are made by hand by an awesome mama in Maine. Each ball is approximately the size of a baseball and they are available in cream and light gray (their natural colors) as well as beautiful colors that are made using low acid dyes. Go ahead, add some color to your laundry! The dyed dryer balls are safe! 🙂 Depending on the size of your load of clothes/diapers it’s recommended that you use anywhere from three (for a small load) to twelve (for an extra large load) balls in the dryer. They make the perfect gift for any cloth diapering mama, anyone wanting to “green” their home one more way, or even as a stocking stuffer! 

Thank you, LooHoo for sponsoring Mama on a Green Mission in the Merry Fluffy Christmas event! Be sure you all go enter the giveaway and visit LooHoo for your wool dryer ball needs! 

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  1. I love dryer balls! Unfortunately, so does my toddler. He thinks they are great fun to throw around the house…time to get some more dryer balls! LOL
    Amy @ Oh So Savvy Mom recently posted…Elf on the Shelf 101 for Elf NewbiesMy Profile

  2. We love our wool dryer balls! Most of ours are just the “natural” color, but it would be fun to have some colorful ones, too!

  3. Shaina Chance says:

    I always hear great reviews on loo hoos. Iv’e really been wanting to get some, but the husband isn’t so convinced they are worth the money. I am, but trying to get him on board is like.. well… its not worth the time. One day we WILL have wool. It just occurred to me that i could probably make my own.lol. Just goes to show you how writing can help you figure things out as you go!

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