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Reasons We Love gDiapers

Cloth diapering has become a big part of my life. I’ve now been using cloth diapers for just over four years and I’ve had challenges and I’ve had many, many successes and much happiness. gDiapers recently sent us some gPants and inserts to help promote their holiday print and they are the sponsor of Santa’s Little Helper giveaway event!  Over the years I’ve often mentioned that gDiapers are one of our favorite brands. We used their newborn diapers when Annie was born earlier this year. In groups that I’m involved in, I’ve heard that some mamas don’t understand gDiapers or that they seems too complicated. Well, let me tell you….that is 100% WRONG! That’s why today I want to tell you just why we love (and have loved for years) gDiapers!

 Why we love gDiapersFive Reasons We Love gDiapers

  1. Multiple sizes – One size diapers are nice, but let’s be realistic…they don’t fit as well at all stages as they could. gPants are available in newborn, small, medium, large and extra large sizes to get the best possible fit on your little one. We used all sizes except extra large, as we didn’t need them with Addy or LA and Annie is just now in mediums.
  2. Versatility – As a family that sometimes uses disposable diapers but still doesn’t want harsh chemicals on our baby, we are so very thankful for gDiapers and their disposable inserts. We use them often when traveling and at home on days that I work. They are a quick and easy way to still let us enjoy the adorable colors/prints of cloth diapering but with easy clean up while being safe and gentle on baby’s skin. Along with having disposable inserts though, gDiapers also has a cloth insert and can be used easily with either insert type.holiday gPants
  3. Fun colors and prints – The crew at gDiapers definitely keeps cloth diapering fun! Their prints are released a few times a year and I always find myself in love with them! Their holiday print this year is called “good tidings” and is adorable! You can see above I had it on Annie when I put her Christmas tutu on for some pictures! The holiday gPants are always something I look forward to as it gives baby a way to be festive! They also have lots of solid colors available, which makes matching clothes fun!
  4. Eco-Friendly – I know lots of people these days cloth diaper because of how cute they are, but another big reason I started was the eco-friendly aspect. gDiapers, with both their disposable inserts and their cloth inserts is an eco-friendly option for diapering baby. Their disposable inserts are made of cellulose, fluff pulp and super absorber. They can be flushed, composted (wet ones only) or tossed. 
  5. Customize Easily – To make it even more fun…gDiapers can easily be customized! I’ve seen some work at home mamas do some amazing things with gPants! I’ve seen ruffles added and matching material added to do various things. Because the liner snaps in and out (this is the water-proof part) easily, it’s also rather easy to sew something onto the gPants to customize your little one’s gLook! Have fun with them!

gDiapers_Under_TreeGet gDiapers Under Your Tree for Baby This Christmas!

gDiapers have worked really well for us over the years and although it’s not a brand we use 100% exclusive, it’s one of our favorite. I love variety too much to use just one brand of cloth diapers! 😉 They work for us whether our needs are disposables or cloth and they meet the needs of baby. We don’t have leaks in them and she’s always comfortable and cute! I am a lifelong fan of gDiapers! I will be recommending these diapers to mamas ever after our last baby is out of diapers! They just really make sense and they really work!

Be sure you stop by and enter to win in the Santa’s Little Helper Giveaway Hop! gDiapers is giving one lucky reader a package valued at $73!

 Have you tried gDiapers? What do you love about them?

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