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Carhartt Kids’ Styles are Perfect Holiday Gifts

Getting the kids things they need for Christmas is always something I try hard to do. It’s sometimes hard to not get them all fun toys and games, but when you have kids’ styles like Carhartt has, it’s easier to get them things they need! Yes, I said Carhartt! Carhartt has an incredible line of kids’ clothing that includes outerwear, but doesn’t end there. They recently sent us some of their girls line for toddlers to try out and let me tell you…these items will make the perfect addition to your gift giving!

Horse Overalls from CarharttCarhartt overalls are top-of-the-line quality. I honestly don’t think they get any better than Carhartt. Carhartt takes pride in their quality and I love that they’ve added some toddler style to an already incredible product. Their toddler overall sets are definitely on my wish list for my daughter. Her entire wardrobe could be full of them and I’d be over the moon! We’ve used some of their pink overalls in the past and I was so incredibly sad when Addy outgrew them. This time, we received a set and the top that goes with the overalls is too cute!

Carhartt HorsesAddy is really into horses right now and the fact that Carhartt had a horse set made her the happiest little girl in all of Michigan! I love the deep blue color of these overalls and I love how Carhartt has made these girly with their ruffles and horses. The stitching and embroidery on the overalls is again, top quality.

Ruffle Pockets on CarharttThese overalls have to be one of my all time favorite outfits for Addy. I’m so sad that apparently she’s gone through a growth spurt again and these won’t be fitting long. They will definitely be saved for Annie though! The style and quality on Carhartt overall sets is above and beyond!

On the Farm with CarharttThe “On the Farm” long sleeve shirt is much cuter in person, if that’s possible! 😉 The word “Carhartt” goes up the front of the shirt and is a deep blue color in glittery letters. All of us girls know everything is better with glitter, right? 😉

Carhartt  Kids Clothes
In addition to the glitter it has the cutest farm animals and a barn making every little girl wish she were really on the farm! There’s even an apple tree on the sleeve that’s incredibly adorable! The brushed fleece pants, too, are super cute! I love the color and the pants are incredibly soft and feel like they would be warm enough for these cold winters here in Michigan. Addy is a pretty skinny little girl though and the fleece pants are too big around the waist unfortunately. I do wish they had an adjustable waist but I don’t recall seeing sweatpants with this option so maybe it’s not possible.

Carhartt kids’ styles are highly sought after and can be difficult to find. That’s the only down part about them. They are stylish, high quality, adorable and perfectly detailed! Be sure you check out some local Carhartt retailers this weekend and pick up some styles for the little ones on your list! If you’d like to see some items for little boys from Carhartt, go check out what Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama featured with her little boy! They have awesome boys’ styles, too!

What do you love about Carhartt Kids Clothes?

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