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Vitamin C and More! Tips to Stay Healthy this Fall

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Oh yes, it’s here. Fall and all that it brings with it. In our house, we have a teacher (he teaches elementary school), three little ones who attend daycare three days a week, and a college student who also works part time. Oh, and myself. I work outside of the home, too. My goal, as many other mothers, is to keep my family healthy during these months. After five years of this consistent routine, I’ve developed some tips to help us stay healthy. We not only take Vitamin C, but there are some other things that I believe keep us healthy!

Tips to stay healthy #24houresterc #shop

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Fall Months

  1. Wash, wash, wash. Did I say wash? Washing hands regularly is proven to help keep people healthy. Prevent the spread of germs #24HourEsterC #shop We make sure all of our kids have clean hands and wash after every bathroom trip and after every snack and sometimes in between. As adults, we have to wash often too. Some don’t agree with this, but we also use hand sanitizer often. Of course, then my hands sometimes get dry and I use Moksa Organics’ Body Butter to help with that!Ester C for cold and flu season
  2. Vitamins and Supplements are crucial to surviving the fall! We all take a daily vitamin and some of us even take extra vitamin C to stay help healthy! My husband, being a teacher, takes Ester-C tablets* for around the clock immune support. They can be found at your local Walmart and have a few varieties available. Vitamin aisle at WalmartMy husband takes the 1000 MG tablet once a day making it a #24HourEsterC! And guess what? They are Non-GMO, NO Gluten, NO Wheat, NO Milk, NO Lactose, NO Artificial Flavor or color, NO Preservatives, NO Sugar, NO Starch, NO Soy, NO Yeast, NO Fish, Sodium Free and are suitable for Vegetarians! How great is that!?
  3. Clean the kitchen and bathroom regularly. I am a busy mama and don’t always have time to clean the house like I want to but I make sure to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean. Studies have shown these to be the germiest places in the home. Prevent Germs, Stay Healthy #24HourEsterC #ShopDisinfect the sinks, trash cans, and appliance handles. I also disinfect the door knobs throughout the house as well as the baby gates.
  4. Exercise regularly to helps keep you healthy. Regular exercise helps in keeping us all healthy! It’s good for us in so many ways but it can be difficult to exercise with the weather getting cooler. I encourage you to go to the local mall, get a treadmill or go to the gym and at the very least, get several walks in each week.
  5. I am new to essential oils, but this fall everyone in my family is using Thieves Oil. Thieves is a blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus. Each night before bed I rub a drop on the bottom of each foot of everyone in our family. We use Young Living oils and truly believe in their power!

What are your tips to stay healthy in the fall months?

*Details about our Vitamin C Supplement of Choice

I mentioned Ester-C above and want to give you a few more details on this supplement. Ester-C is the Patented Immune Health Formula that Lasts Longer Than Regular Vitamin C and stays in your system for 24 hours! It is carefully formulated to contain naturally occurring metabolites.  Metabolites are a substance derived from other compounds (such as nutrients) during the process of metabolism. The metabolites in Ester-C® help enhance the retention of Vitamin C by your white blood cells for 24 hours, which are a vital component of your immune system. It is manufactured using a unique, water-based process that combines Vitamin C with Calcium using no chemical solvents.  This unique, chemical solvent-free supplement is gentler on the stomach than regular Vitamin C.* You can get a $1.00 off coupon here! You can visit Ester-C on Facebook and on Twitter, too!

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