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Starting the Day Off Right with Honey Nut Cheerios and Usher

Thank you to General Mills and Usher for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring us to start our day with happiness and positivity!

In my younger days, I wasn’t much of a morning person. Now that I’m ummm…older….I am all about mornings. As a mama, I almost have to be. I have to be on my toes in the morning and make sure all of my kids are eating a healthy breakfast and starting their day off right. That can be challenging with my college student who doesn’t believe mornings begin before 11am. Now, don’t go overboard….I still like my sleep and some days it’s tough to get up early and make sure all is done with ample time to get out the door. One way I love starting off the day is with music and a delicious breakfast. Sounds awesome, right!? Honey Nut Cheerios  and Usher must have known that music and breakfast go well together! 

Usher and Cheerios

Usher and Cheerios

Who doesn’t love music in the morning to help get you going? It really is a fun and energetic way to start the day and add some dancing around the house and you have a great start to what will be an awesome day! I am a long time fan of Usher, I mean who doesn’t love that baby face singing “You Make Me Wanna”? Oh, am I telling my age? 😉 Usher is an amazing artist and I’m here to tell you that his latest project isn’t even on his newest album!

Usher and Cheerios

That’s right, Usher and Cheerios have partnered together and you have to purchase Honey Nut Cheerios to get the free download code inside the box! It’s a win-win: you get a healthy start to your day and you get an awesome new Usher song to listen to and start your day in a positive way! Grab your box today at Walmart so you have hear just how great “Clueless” is! I even caught the college “kid” eating Cheerios and enjoying Usher’s new song, you know I had to get that on video!

 All you can hear is toddler play, I know. Run out to Walmart and get your specially marked box now so you can hear the awesome new Usher  song, too! 

Usher and Cheerios

Honey Nut Cheerios is a must-have in our home. My husband and I love it, our kids love it. It’s a quick and easy breakfast on those days mama doesn’t get out of bed early! My kids love it for not only breakfast, but also for a snack without milk!

Cheerios snack for work

I make a snack for work sometimes, too, with granola, chocolate chips and Honey Nut Cheerios!  Add Usher and Cheerios together and what do you have? A perfectly started morning or an amazing break any time of the day! 


 What are you waiting for? Go grab your box now and download Usher’s new song!

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