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Have a Safe, Simple and Smart Period with GladRags

After recently making the change to cloth pads, I’ve been excited to try some various brands. It’s like cloth diapers: you want to see which brand and style fits the best, works the best and who has the cute prints! lol But seriously, it’s really been a change that I am happy to have made. It took me a while to make the switch but I don’t regret it at all. It’s a safer period, it’s simple and it’s the smart and green way to do what we do naturally.

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GladRags recently released plus size day pads and pantyliners, which I was thrilled about! I was recently sent some GladRags to try and with my most recent period having just ended I’m excited to tell you all about them! GladRags has three sizes available: day pads, night pads and pantyliners. I received one each of the day and night pads and three of the pantyliners. Previously I had only tried the minky topped mama cloth so I was interested in trying these. These pads are made of cotton flannel.

Day padsThe day pads are 9″ long and approximately 2 1/2″ wide in the middle. The day pad plus is approximately 11″ long and 3 3/8″ wide, so it is a significant difference. GladRags are fitted with a snap and “envelope” for the inserts (on the day and night pads). As a cloth diapering mama, it reminds me of a pocket diaper! 😉 GladRags inserts consist of super-absorbent terry cloth and flannel for maximum protection. The day pads have a unique three part design which allows you to customize the absorbency of the pad according to your flow by choosing one or two inserts. You can even use the holder alone for an ultra-slim liner! I love that these pads can be customized for each person using them. We all know even our own periods vary, it’s great to have a reusable product that we can adjust to fit our needs.

Postpartum PadsThe night pads/postpartum pads are 14″ long and approximately 3″ wide in the middle. Personally, I don’t have very heavy periods and I found this length to be more than I needed at nighttime with my regular period. If I would have had this during my postpartum bleeding days, I think it would have been perfect! Again, that’s for me and I believe the length would be perfect for  those who do have heavier periods. These, again, are “stuffable” to fit your need in terms of absorbency and I love that about them!

Cloth PantylinersThe pantyliners are the last item I tried from GladRags. The pantyliners are approximately 6 3/4″ long by 2 3/4″ wide. The plus pantyliners are approximately 8.5″ long and 3″ wide, which I found to be perfect as a plus size mama. There is no pocket opening for extra absorbency on these liners, however, they worked perfectly for my lighter days.

GladRags are a great solution for greening your period! Like their slogan says: they are for a “Safe Simple Smart Period”! They even have an organic option available if you prefer organic cotton pads.

Connect with GladRags: You can visit GladRags on their website, on Facebook or Twitter. First time visitors to their site can try a Pantyliner Plus for the cost of shipping!

WIN! I know you all love to win things! GladRags is generously giving one lucky woman a color Pantyliner Plus 3-Pack! Fill out the entry form below for your chance to win!


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  1. Denise Elliott says:

    I would love to try the pantyliner plus in rosebud

  2. Judith Martinez says:

    I’d really like to try the sampler as I have no idea what sizes would work best for me.

  3. So happy to hear you like your GladRags! 🙂

  4. I use entirely GladRags – organic. Great product, very well made! I’d go for a Day Pads Plus.

  5. A 3-pack of Pantyliners Plus is quite generous, by the way. Very nice… I would use them to introduce GladRags to friends.

  6. I’ve wanted to try Eco-friendly period products like this forever!

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