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Philips AVENT Penguin Sippy Cup – Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Baby

Last year I was on an exclusive panel of seven moms to review the new Philips Avent Spout Cup. After taking our feedback into account, they have finalized the design of the Philips Avent Penguin Sippy Cup! I am a huge fan of Philips Avent and their sippy cups are amazing! I was thrilled to be part of a panel and to see the outcome? Words can’t describe it! I was so excited when I received the one they sent for review! 

New Avent Sippy Cup


It’s absolutely adorable, right?! The cup has just recently hit shelves, exclusive to Walmart!  Check out the details: 

  • Cup holds 9 ounces of liquid 
  • Ideal drinking solution for the growing toddler
  • Hard, bite-resistant spout is angled
  • Designed to help toddlers take their first sips easily without tilting their head back too much
  • Trainer handles are seamlessly integrated into the cup’s unique penguin shape
  • Designed for anti-slip with soft touch grips
  • BPA-free

New sippy cup from Avent

I love that the lid on the new cup is completely removable. The older Avent sippy cups we have do have an attached lid. Although it helps in not losing it, the kids play with it constantly and ended up breaking a few off. 

Avent's Penquin sippy

Addy loves her “Penguin cup”! I love it so much, I can’t wait to start using it for Annie. (She’ll be trying sippy cups soon!)


Here are the biggest obvious differences that I love:

  1. Soft touch grip handles (no more slipping out of messy hands)
  2. bite resistant spout
  3. the size! My Addy is thirsty often so having a bit of a bigger cups works out great for us! It’s also perfect for outings. 

Avent Sippy Cups

Be sure to pick one up the next time you go out! What’s your favorite feature of the new Avent sippy cup?

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