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The Best Advice for Potty Training #ReadytoPotty

Potty training makes many parents wrinkle their noses. It can be rather tough but when it happens parents are relieved. No more diapers? We get to save money? OH YES!!! I’ve been through (and survived I might add) potty training with two boys. Addy has been potty training for a few months now and I think we are there with her, too. Next we’ll have Annie and I don’t even know what that will bring, even after going through it three times. It can be rather different with each child. Each time, I’ve been given numerous pieces of advice for potty training, some I really did end up using, some sounded crazy. Here’s a list of the best advice I’ve been given.

Potty Training Advice

The Best Advice for Potty Training

1) First and foremost: be patient. Be patient. I can’t say that enough. It can be RATHER frustrating when you want the child to go potty more than you want your coffee in the morning, but I promise you…be patient and it WILL happen. None of my children have learned when I wanted them too. They each did it when they were ready. Waiting for the child to be ready took so much stress out of it for #2 and #3 for me. It was a rather easy transition when we just let them do it themselves.

2) Praise. Everyone loves to hear praise for their good work and toddlers are no exception. Make sure you celebrate their victories, cheer with them, dance with them, tell them how excited and how proud you are! Even reward (bribe? haha) them with stickers or dollar store toys!

3) Games. With my boys, I had to make it into a game when teaching them to stand up and go potty. Well, ok…I admit daddy is the one that worked with them for the most part, but my boys both liked Cheerios and aiming. Yes, it works.

4) Let them get naked. For real. But only at home. I don’t know what it is about this, but when I let Addy run around the house naked she would ALWAYS use the potty. If it’s winter, turn the heat up and let them stay naked and keep reminding the child that if he/she needs to potty to let you know or just go straight to the potty chair. With girls, it’s also easy to put them in a dress and let them go without anything underneath.

Best Potty Training Advice #ReadyToPotty

5) Make it Fun. Outside of games and the praise, you have to make the whole experience pleasant. You can even throw in some bribery, errr candy (worked like a charm for us with one son)! Sing songs, get silly let them have fun with it. Get a fun potty chair for them! We received received the Abby Cadabby Magical Potty Chair from Kolcraft for review. This thing is LOVED by Addy. Even LA (who has been potty trained for well over a year) loves it! What kid wouldn’t want a Sesame Street Potty Chair? This thing is magical in that it “flushes” just like the big potty! Fun times = big results in the world of potty training!

What other advice for potty training have you received that has worked? What advice for potty training have you gotten that was just plain silly?

Magical Potty Chair Features

The Abby Cadabby Magical Potty Chair resembles a real toilet with a flush handle and all! It’s meant to help in the transition to the real toiler and doesn’t make it so scary. The seat on this potty chair even adapts to most real toilets and allows toddlers to sit on the “big potty” without worry! The handle makes real flushing noise and my kids LOVE this and will keep “flushing” many times. lol They truly get joy out of the flushing sound. It’s….fun. 😉 It is very easy to remove the waste cup for cleaning, too. We’ve found that Addy loves her Abby Cadabby potty chair and when it first arrived she wanted to go potty even more just to use it.

Be sure to attend the Kolcraft #ReadyToPotty Twitter Party November 13 at 2pm! (Follow along with the #ReadyToPotty hashtag!)

Purchase: You can purchase the Abby Cadabby Potty Chair at your local Walmart store or online at Walmart.com, Amazon, Diapers.com or Sears. The seat retails for approximately $30.

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  1. crystal frey says:

    The best advice I got was to make a treat bag for when she goes potty you reward her

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