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Pedigree Dog Food Helps Dogs in Need During Pet Adoption Month #PedigreeGives


We live pretty close to an animal shelter. I’ve been telling my husband for some time that I want to volunteer my time there and walk the dogs. I have always been a dog lover! This month I’ve been given even more reason to not only donate my time, but to donate dog food to the shelter! We took some Pedigree dog food to our local shelter this past weekend and it was the kids’ first time visiting a shelter.

Pedigree Dog Food and the Animal Shelter #PedigreeGives #CBias #Shop
I grew up with a dog. When I moved out of my parents’ house I wanted to get one ASAP. It’s always felt right to me to have a dog in our house. When I married my husband, we both had dogs. They did not get along. Like, not. at. all. It was heartbreaking but we had to part with my dog and found a wonderful home for her. My husband’s dog has become our family dog. She’s been around longer than our three youngest kids. They don’t know what life is like without a dog in the house. They love dogs, but they’ve been hesitant about bigger dogs since our dog is a tiny Yorkie. Since I have been wanting to volunteer at a local shelter, I thought it would be nice to take the kids and let them see the animals, including the larger dogs. We talked to them about being safe and taking precautions around dogs they aren’t familiar with but we wanted to intriduce them to the idea of having a larger dog. We plan on moving within the next few years to a larger home and chances are we’ll be looking at adopting a larger dog. As sad as the reality is, our Bailey is getting pretty old and may not be with us for many more years.

I want the kids to be aware of things around them that need improvement and I want them to know how to help. Even if it’s something as small as their time, it can help someone in need. My husband and I spoke with them about our Bailey and about other dogs who don’t have families to stay with. We explained to them the ways we could help, one of which was to donate some dog food and some of our time.Of course, the kids loved the idea of adopting a dog to bring home with us, but we had to explain that now isn’t the right time. 🙁

We went to Sam’s Club to purchase some Pedigree dog food to donate to our local animal shelter. We checked their website for items they need and they even specified that Pedigree dog food is preferred! This month is Pet Adoption Month and Pedigree is donating a bowl of dog food to a shelter in need for each purchase of Pedigree dog products made at Sam’s Club during the month of October.

Help dogs in need with Pedigree
We were only able to find the Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food (55 pounds!!) at the Sam’s Club we visited. I will be going to another nearby Sam’s Club to try and find some Pedigree Dentastix to donate on our next shelter visit. We picked up the Pedigree dog food and we were on our way to the shelter.

Pedigree gives back. #PedigreeGives #Shop
The kids were so excited to be at the shelter. We walked in and the smiles on their faces were priceless! We had to get a picture of them beside our donation for their memory books to remember when their animal donations began!

Donating Pedigree Dog Food #PedigreeGives #Shop
Our donation was the easy part. The hard part was seeing so many animals in the shelter without a home or a family to love them. We first visited the smaller dogs (there were only a few) and the cats.

Cats and Small Dog at Shelter #PedigreeGives #Shop
It got even more heartbreaking when we went to the area with the big dogs. There are so many big dogs there, without a home other than the cage they are in. My husband had quite the effect on the dog below, who was an incredible listener. He would stare at my husband. My husband would talk to him and as soon as he told the dog to sit, he did. Immediately. He was obviously a very well trained dog.

Michigan Dog Shelter #PedigreeGives #Shop

If you have the space and the time to add another family member, I highly encourage you to adopt from a local animal shelter. There are so many cats and dogs that need a good home and people to love them. Won’t you share your home and your heart?

It was a pleasure finally visiting this shelter that I had wanted to for so long. Although it was sad in many ways, it was rewarding, too. We’ve agreed that we’ll donate our time to go walk the dogs 3-4 times a month. It’s something we want to teach our kids: volunteering comes from your heart and can make a difference. Be sure to check out our video on Instagram, too for a peak at the dogs and kids! 🙂

Pedigree is awesome for donating in their #PedigreeGives program! I respect them so much for making a difference in the lives of so many animals! Be sure you follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and support their efforts!

Thank you, #CollectiveBias, for making this post possible!

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  1. I can’t go into pet stores or anywhere where you can adopt a pet. They real me in and I end up getting a new animal. They are just so cute and I can’t pass it up.
    Shawn Ann @ Shawn Ann’s World recently posted…2014 Chicago VisitMy Profile

  2. Awww what a great thing to do. Looks like the dog want to come home with you guys!
    Betsy recently posted…Dataclysm Book ReviewMy Profile

  3. We don’t have a dog because one of my kids is allergic but we always make donations to the local no kill shelters

  4. We have already rescued two kitties and plan to adopt more animals when we have our own home and are not restricted to two pets.

    I will have to make it a point to donate this month to a shelter or rescue group

  5. When I got married I had 2 cats and my husband had 3 dogs. The cats and dogs hated each other and it was a nightmare. We kept them all but it was a constant struggle. Now we have two different dogs, no cats, and it is much more peaceful in the house. #client
    Carolyn West recently posted…Pamper Yourself with Madison Reed At Home Hair ColorMy Profile

  6. That dog that liked your husband is precious! I hope it got a home soon.
    Jamie recently posted…For the love of pumpkinsMy Profile

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