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Keeping Up with Rainbow Light’s Multivitamin for Women Over 35

Advanced maternal age. Yes, those were the words I heard from my doctor’s office with my last pregnancy. I wasn’t too thrilled, but reality says that I’m kind of in the range of “older women” having babies. Getting older really did show in my last pregnancy as it was my roughest. It’s vital that we take care of ourselves and whether we are trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing, Rainbow Light’s multivitamin for women over 35 is just what we need to keep up with what’s going on around us, with our body changing and with our health.

Embrace Prenatal 35+

Multivitamin for women over 35Rainbow Light recently sent me some multivitamins for women over 35 for review and I was interested in seeing how they would work. It is the only multivitamin formulated specifically for women over 35 who are trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing. Embrace provides optimal potencies of nutrients that are critical to baby’s healthy development, and 35+ mom’s unique nutritional needs, with vitamins, minerals, superfoods and botanicals that nourish and protect mom and baby, help relieve discomfort and energize mom naturally throughout the day. Embrace Prenatal 35+™ has no gluten, wheat, milk/dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, fish or shellfish. It is easy to swallow, vegetarian, sugar-free, 100% natural and contains no artificial additives. 

Multivitamin for Women over 35 – My Experience

The vitamins are pretty similar in size to any prenatal vitamin. It is suggested to take three capsules throughout the day with or between meals while trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing. One bottle contains 30 VCaps meaning one bottle lasts 10 days. I was a little sad about this because they do seem to run out fast and the vitamins are a bit pricy when paying out of pocket.

The Real Question – Are They Worth It?

When I started taking Embrace Prenatal 35+ I felt run down. I was exhausted EVERY DAY. I work a full time job outside of the home and when my husband and I get home for the evening it’s busy, busy, busy til we go to bed. I was always tired. Within a week I actually started feeling like I had a bit more energy. I didn’t feel like I had to go to bed when the kids did every night. There were a few nights I actually stayed awake and got a few things done! It was like heaven! If this is what a multivitamin for women over 35 does, sign me up for life! Even with the cost being a factor, I do feel that these are worth the price tag. They work and they do promote healthy brain, eyes, nerves, bones and teeth – can we really put a price on those things? They are also known to ease nausea, boost energy (yes, I’m definitely a witness to that!), and improve circulation.

Prenatl Vitamin for women over 35Rainbow Light has hit the nail on the head here. This multivitamin for women over 35 have been a great addition to my daily life. If you are in the “advanced maternal age” and trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing I suggest you look into Rainbow Light! It works great for this busy mama of 4 and I’m sure it will for you, too!

Purchase: You can purchase4 Rainbow Light’s multivitamin for women over 35 on the website!

Are you over 35 and TTC, nursing or pregnant? What is your biggest struggle?

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