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Adjusting to a Daycare Routine with Help from Kidecals

Working outside of the home is something I wish I didn’t have to do. Student loan debt has caused me to have to do so though and my beautiful babies are in daycare while I am at work. We started LA in daycare when he was six weeks old and we’ve been dealing with daycare for just over four years now with him and his little sisters. There are many things we’ve adjusted to over the years so I want to share some tips on adjusting to a daycare routine in hopes of helping the transition easier on you!

Child Care Adjusting to a daycare routine is not only an adjustment for the kids, it’s an adjustment for the parents, too, so I’ll give you suggestions for both based on what I’ve learned from our experiences. It can be tough, but it can be done peacefully!

Tips for Helping a Child in Adjusting to a Daycare Routine

  • If it’s the first time the child/toddler/baby has been in daycare, schedule a few days ahead of time to go with them and spend some time there to get to know the teachers and get comfortable with them. Let your child see you interact with the teacher and make it a positive experience. Let your child meet and interact with the other kids at the center. With my husband being a teacher, our kids are out of daycare for three months in the summer so I always go in a day or two the weeks before they return just to make sure they remember it in a positive way and it kind of gets them excited about going again!
  • Take a snack (morning fruit?) for the child to eat on the way to daycare and when they get there. It will keep his/her mind off of mommy/daddy leaving. Also, take a snack for the ride home. We find that the days our little ones are in daycare they are extremely tired and more hungry than normal. Taking a snack for the ride home prevents some meltdowns and fits that can be stressful to both child and parent! 🙂
  • Drop your child off with a smile, don’t let them see you upset and don’t leave without saying goodbye. Again, you want it to be as positive as possible. If you leave without saying bye, you are asking for trouble tomorrow at drop off time when he/she won’t let you out of site!
  • Routine is so important! Select a daycare that has a set schedule on what they do all day, every day. We all know kids thrive on routine and daycare is no different! The more they get familiar and know what to expect every day, they easier it will be.

Tips for Helping Parents in Adjusting to a Daycare Routine

  • It’s hard leaving your child in the hands of someone else to care for. Call as often as you need to in the beginning. When my babies started daycare, I called numerous times each day. I’m sure I was annoying to them at time but it put my mind at ease. Make sure you discuss with the provider what times are best to call so you aren’t interrupting meals, outside time, etc.
  • Keep the communication lines open! Be open and tell your child care provider personal things about your child, including nick names, home schedules, etc. Help them to make it easier on your child. The easier it is on them, the easier it will be on you. You also want to feel comfortable and be able to talk to the provider in regards to anything pertaining to your child.
  • If you are a nursing mama and you pump at work, keep pictures on your phone or in your pumping bag. Seeing your little one isn’t only good for pumping, it’s good for the heart! So, even if you don’t pump, keep photos nearby to help you get through the day!

Labels for Daycare Items

  • Label, Label, Label!! As a parent who takes three little ones to daycare, it’s important to keep everything in order. As winter is approaching and we’ll have multiple sets of gloves, hats, boots, winter coats, etc it’s even more important. Keep your sanity and help the teachers in keeping your child’s belongings with the right child! If you use Kidecal labels, you are making it easy on everyone! Kidecal labels are a decorative way to add ownership to your child’s belongings! We use them in coats, shoes/boots, hats and more!

Baby Bottle LabelsIn fact, when it comes to labeling, our daycare requires me to label Annie’s bottles with her name and the date. I was spending too much time writing on tape, cutting it, putting it on the bottle, removing it, adding it again the next day, etc. Kidecals date labels for daycare have been a life saver! I love these and the conveinence of them! They already have her name and the word “date” on them so all I have to do it put the sticker on the bottle and add the date! Super easy and works better than my old system, much better!

Adjusting to a daycare routine can be difficult for both child and parent. Pay close attention to the little things that make it easier for your little one(s) and make sure to follow the routine! Adjusting to daycare routines can be tough in finding the extra time to get things ready at home, but take advantage of amazing products like Kidecals that can help you get the job done in less than half the time!

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  1. I remember when my oldest (now a teen) went to daycare and writing his name on everything, I thought my hand was going to fall off! I love these fun and colorful labels and I am going to need some soon for my youngest starting school! I need some type of allergy bracelet too so maybe I can make one easily with these? 🙂

  2. Kidecals have the cutest labels. I love their colorful designs!
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  3. What great tips. I can imagine that all of that stimulation and interaction during that day is really tiring for the little ones and that they burn a lot of calories on those days. A snack on the way to and from are such smart ideas. A satisfied little one is a happy little one.
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  4. Wow, those are great. I love kids labels
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  5. We recently ordered some Kidecals and they are awesome. Super handy for my preschooler!

  6. Yes label everything. As a Girl Guide leader, I say the same thing. Kids come to overnights and they have the same shoes or bag or coat as someone else and they can’t tell which one is theirs. Or we find underwear that no one will claim.
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