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Rock the Lunchbox with Bento Snack Boxes

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own.

Back to school time…..ahhh, the joys of it! 😉 We have three going “back” to school this fall: my husband (the teacher), our oldest son (the college student) and our youngest son (the preschooler/pre-k). With our preschooler we get to pack a fun snack every day for him. I’ve seen so many mamas post on Instagram about bento snack boxes and bento style lunches that I couldn’t wait to try some of the ideas I’ve seen! I tried some last year but didn’t stick to it. Since it really does make eating healthy snacks fun I am determined to work on it more this year! I teamed up with Stonyfield and several other companies participating in the Rock the Lunchbox campaign this year for lots of lunchbox/snack box fun!

Rock the Lunchbox Campaign What is Rock the Lunchbox?

Leading natural and organic companies (Stonyfield, Annie’s Homegrown, Honest Kids, Applegate, Rudi’s and Organic Valley) teamed up for the “Rock the Lunch Box” campaign, a free resource that delivers ideas, tips and coupons for natural and organic products just in time for back to school.  The website includes:

  • Lunch tips from the pros at the companies listed above
  • A section to get lunchbox/snack box ideas including vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free!
  • Coupons!!

The collaborative site enables parents to share their lunch preparation systems, learn from others and benefit via:

  • Exploring lunchbox favorites and recipes of other like-minded parents
  • Submitting lunchbox ideas to share with other parents
  • Tips from reputable companies

Bento Snack Boxes

Since we get to make bento snack boxes daily now, I wanted to share a few of my favorites! The ones above I made using cauliflower pieces, Annie’s fruit snacks (love these!!), dark chocolate chips for a special treat, mandarin oranges, Annie’s bunny cookies, Honest Kids drink pouch and a Stonyfield YoKids Squeeze pouch! It looked good enough that I wanted one myself when I finished making it! lol

Bento snack boxes made easy!
Another bento I made for the first week back to school features Applegate’s new Half Time boxes! They are the perfect snack pack that includes Applegate meat and cheese, Stonyfield yogurt, and an Annie’s Homegrown snack. I opened the items and added them to our new Laptop Lunches bento box. I also put in some cinnamon graham crackers from Annie’s, carrots, granola with chocolate chips mixed in and an Honest Kids drink pouch. Again, it looked so tasty I wanted one myself! 😉

I love getting LA involved in making his snack boxes. He loves being in the kitchen with me and helping any time he can. I recently asked him what his favorite snack box would include and he said, “cheese, cinnamon crackers, juice and chocolate”. He’s definitely my son – the chocolate part confirms that! lol I let him have his wishes, but I added some veggies and granola, too!!

Rock the Lunchbox logo

What would your child add to their bento? What’s included in the best bento you’ve made?



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