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Working on My After Baby Body with Knocked Up Fitness

You all know I’ve have three kids in the span of the last four years. My darling husband and I planned it that way. Between each pregnancy I didn’t really make time to get in shape. Now that I know we are done having babies, it’s hit me hard that I really have a long way to go in order to get back in shape. With three little ones running around and keeping me busy, it’s not easy but I’m determined to work on my after baby body and I started with Knocked Up Fitness!

Knocked-Up Fitness and After Baby Body

I received the After Baby 2 DVD Set for review and I was a bit worried about making the time to use it. When I sat down to read about the DVD set, I was pleasantly surprised that it is in sections, meaning it’s easier to do a little at a time throughout the day! The After Baby 2 DVD Set includes 10, yes TEN!!!, workouts!

We mamas can now go from being knocked up to being a knock out according to Knocked Up Fitness! Sounds great, right!? I actually enjoyed these workouts because they aren’t high impact, loud music, etc. They were relaxing, yet still getting in the workout I needed. I was able to do a small part early morning, another part at nap time, and a bit more after bedtime. I got the huge benefit of not overexerting myself but still feeling great because I had a workout. I felt great mentally and physically!  There are over two hours of workouts that you can mix and match to meet your needs!

After baby body results!Knocked Up Fitness has not only the solution for our after baby body, but they also have great products like prenatal workout DVD, pregnancy journals, t-shirts, books, and resistance bands! They have a wide selection of products we mamas can really use to start (or continue for some) our journey on feeling better, staying healthy and being active! Make sure you check out their online store for all of the products that will meet your fitness needs!

What are your fitness goals at the moment? Let Knocked-Up Fitness help you!

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