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The Benefits of Cheap Wireless Plans for Back to School #Phones4School

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I mentioned last week how many things we’ve been doing to prepare for this fall and the “going back to school season”. We crossed one more thing off of our list – getting our soon-to-be college student to look into cheap wireless plans so that he would have a phone to take to school, work, etc. and at the same time learn responsibility.

Walmart Best Plans #Phones4School
When we began thinking about what type of phone plan to get for our son, my husband and I knew that as a teen, he would need to pick from the lowest price unlimited plans available! We knew we needed to head to Walmart! Our Walmart Mobile is right in the front of our local Walmart store, easy to find and get to! The Walmart best plans have unlimited talk, test and data/web for one low price! In fact, the price has recently been lowered! While there we found an incredible deal on a phone for him to go along with his new unlimited plan!

Walmart's Best Plans Rollback with Cheap Wireless Plans #Phones4School
That’s right! The Alcatel One Touch Evolve was regularly priced $69.88 and with Walmart’s rollback it is now priced at $29.88!!! We were pleasantly surprised, too, that Walmart Family Mobile has recently lowered their price from $39.88 to $34.88 per month for unlimited talk, text and web! What a deal!!! We were looking for cheap wireless plans for back to school and that’s just what we found!

College Kids and Cheap Wireless Plans #Phones4School #CollectiveBias
The Benefits of Cheap Wireless Plans

I’m the first to admit that my now 18 year old son (18, really!?) needs to learn about responsibility and the real world. He just recently got his first job and will be attending college in the fall. He’s not had experience with paying bills or saving money. This is part of why we wanted to get him set up with his own plan, his own bill and something he could be responsible for. With Walmart Family Mobile we are able to achieve the following:

  1. There is no credit check, which is perfect since he has no credit at this point in his life. He was able to simply get his starter kit, sign up online and he was ready to go with his new phone.
  2. Allow our teen to learn responsibility by paying his own bill. As I mentioned, he’s not experienced having bills/paying for his own things yet. This is the perfect thing to start with since we all know how important phones are to teens. He knows he doesn’t want to be without a phone, he’ll make sure to have the money to pay his new bill! 😉
  3. It’s affordable! Our son just started his first job and he doesn’t make a lot of money just yet. This phone plan is extremely affordable for all it offers! Cheap wireless plans at Walmart Family Mobile, yes, BUT what you get isn’t cheap at all: unlimited talk, text and web! That’s a DEAL!
  4. Respect and Caring for New Items – I remember when I was young and didn’t have to pay for things. I mean, I didn’t purposely destroy anything but when I had to pay for things on my own I started taking much better care of them. I think many of us can relate to that and that’s one thing I want our son to experience. He was able to get a great deal on his Alcatel One Touch Evolve, a phone that he will enjoy! He knows that there are phones at Walmart Family Mobile that he can save for and buy on his own and I think he’ll really work to take care of them!
  5. The benefit of a great price! I try to teach my son about saving money, the importance of shopping around and finding the best deals. I want him to learn these things at a young age so he doesn’t make the same financial mistakes I did. He was checking contract phones and looking for cheap wireless plans. He got an idea of just how expensive a phone can be. When we shopped at Walmart Family Mobile for their cheap wireless plans, he was thrilled to find it at the reduced price of $34.88 per month!

Why It’s Necessary for College Students

Our son recently just got his permit to drive. At this time he relies on us to take him to work, pick him up, taking him for placement testing on campus, register for classes, etc. When we need to drop him off, he needs a phone to call us when it’s time to pick him up. He needs a phone in case work needs to call him in. He needs a phone to call campus with questions. Most importantly, he NEEDS to learn about being responsible. He NEEDS to be an adult and learn how to be one responsibly. So many other college students are experiencing the same things and they, too, need phones!

Texting with friends He’s already into his Alcatel phone! He’s been texting with his friends to keep in touch. Teens sure do text A LOT!! He’s also been using it to play games during his free time!

Games with AlcatelHe’s a typical teen boy and loves games, so of course, he’s playing games on his phone, too! He’s even been studying for his college placement test during free time using the unlimited web on his new Alcatel Once Touch Evolve!

Rollback with Walmart Family Mobile Cheap Wireless Plans #Phones4School
Details on Cheap Wireless Plans

  • Alcatel One Touch Evolve is on rollback right now for just $29.88! Don’t miss out on this deal!
  • $34.88/month unlimited talk, text & web (decreased from $39.88). This price will be valid for the life of the service plan for the primary line if purchased during the promotional time period of July 18 – October 31, 2014.
  • Get your #Phones4School at Walmart Family Mobile – now is the time!

I’m delighted to have found an amazing deal for our son. He’s becoming an adult (well, IS an adult, I guess…) and will truly benefit from not only the amazing deal, but all of the responsibilities that will come with his new Walmart Family Mobile service. I highly recommend this as the perfect back to school gift for the college student in your life!

Thank you to #CollectiveBias and Walmart Family Mobile for allowing me to help my son grow, learn responsibility and have a phone for all of those important things he’s doing now!

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  1. First off – what an awesome deal on the smart phone! I have been tossing the idea around myself about getting one. I do love though how you talk about your teen’s responsibility about learning about paying the bills and such with this phone! That is a lesson too that I hope to teach my daughter when we get to the stage where she gets a phone! Thank you for sharing this deal!

  2. There are definitely benefits for cheap wireless plans. I love how perfect this price point is for teens and young adults. #client
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