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Another Amazing Product in Aden + Anais Skincare

We all know Aden + Anais makes amazing baby products such as Muslin Swaddles and Dream Blankets. They’ve done it again, more amazing from Aden + Anais with their skincare line! I recently received three of their items for review and it was the first time I had tried their skincare line. Wow. Just wow!

With the kids being out of school in the summer, sometimes us mamas work extra hard in trying to keep them busy and keep their brains working! I wanted to take a few minutes and give mamas an idea for pampering themselves and Aden + Anais skincare is definitely a way to do this!

Aden + Anais skincare line
Aden + Anais Skincare – Brought to you with Pure Luxury

Although this was intended to be a feature for pampering mamas, the ultra-gentle lotion is fabulous and I had  to use this on our toddlers and baby Annie too! We need more already! It really is a soft lotion, not runny at all, moisturizing and it smells amazing! It’s actually infused with fresh, fermented pawpaw fruit and it’s naturally-derived and non-greasy! Their lotion is free of the bad stuff: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, BPA, gluten and soy!

Aden + Anais Testing and Ingredients
Even more love for the Aden + Anais skincare line  – looks who it’s tested on and look what the list of ingredients ends with? Adorable, isn’t it?! We love Aden + Anais!

Just for Mama – Stretch Mark Reducing Cream

That’s right pampering for mama sometimes needs something to make our not-so-pleasant things more pleasant! With my first three pregnancies I didn’t get stretch marks. I know, I know – I heard a million times how many people hated me because of that. I don’t say that to brag at all, I say to because with Annie I did get them. They are not fun and definitely don’t help a mama’s confidence. I was beyond thrilled to find out that Aden + Anais skincare included a stretch mark reducing cream because, I mean, it’s A + A, it has to be amazing, right!? It’s ideal to use this product from the start of pregnancy until after birth. I wish I had known about this earlier!! I am still using it though, twice daily and hope to see some reduction over time. The recommended time is 2-3 months of usage. It can be used on you abdomen, breasts (I would keep off of nipples if nursing), hips and thighs. What a way to pamper mama – reduce stretch marks and make her feel more confident? Yes, please! 😉

Soothing Ointment from Aden + Anais Skincare

I was excited to see this product in the box I received for review. The soothing ointment is perfect for so many situations including: diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, wind-burns, and cracked or chafed skin. Addy has very sensitive skin in her diaper area, LA and Addy both have eczema, and LA’s lips are always dry. This product is getting lots of use in our home and it works amazingly well! We love it!

All of the Aden + Anais skincare products we received have a very pleasant scent! It really is a touch of luxury for all of you deserving mamas! <3 Be sure you check out their store locator on their site to find some luxury near you!

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