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8 Uses for Dishwashing Liquid with Palmolive #Palmolive25Ways #CBias

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Getting multiple uses out of one product is something I love to do! The fewer products we have to buy, the happier I am! We all love Palmolive and know that it works wonders in keeping your hands soft. We’ve found many other uses for dishwashing liquid with Palmolive, too! I wanted to share some of the best things we’ve been able to do with Palmolive!

Uses for Dishwashing Liquid #Palmolive25Ways #Shop
is available in several varieties. The three above are my favorites: the original, the Soft Touch with Vitamin E and the Palmolive Oxy. I use the Soft Touch primarily in the winter when my hands need extra care from being dry. The original and the Oxy are the two we ALWAYS keep on hand for many uses around the house!

Palmolive at Walmart #Palmolive25Ways #shopOn a recent trip to our local Walmart I had Palmolive on my list of items to get. I always love looking at all of the selections they have available. There’s definitely something for everyone and something for every need! #Palmolive25Ways!

8 Uses for Dishwashing Liquid

1) Bowling Ball – The first thing that we love using Palmolive for (well hubby uses it for this) is to clean the lane oil off of his bowling ball. He’s an avid bowler and he’s found that Palmolive works great!

Ways to clean your bowling ball #Palmolive25Ways #shop
Here’s what he does:

He uses a hot water bath to get the oil deep out of the cover stock.  The idea here is to get the oil out of the bowling ball that regular cleaning can not get out.

First, he fills a bucket up with hot tap water (over 140 degrees F), and puts in some Palmolive dish soap (several drops) to help break up the lane oil and pull it out of the ball.

Clean the bowling ball in bucket of Palmolive #Palmolive25Ways #shop
After the water is ready, submerge the ball in the bucket of tap water and leave it in there for 15-20 minutes. You’ll notice the film of oil rising to the surface of the ball, and in the water.  This is a good sign that you are getting the oil out of the deepest parts of the ball.

After the 15-20 minutes, take the ball out of the water and wipe it off with an oil and lint free towel. Repeat the process 2-3 times, or until you no longer see any more oil on the surface of the ball after the 15-20 minute period of time.

In a nutshell, this method of getting oil out of the ball will help you have better games and save money!

2) Countertops/Appliances – I don’t like using harsh cleaners on our countertops because the kids sit their snacks there, our food get put on there, etc. A mixture of Palmolive and warm water is the perfect cleaner! It also works great at getting any greasy coating off of the stove top and hood as well as the oven and microwave! It’s an awesome cleaner!

3) Pre-treater for Stains in Laundry – With three kids ages four and under we often deal with stains on clothing. We’ve found that Palmolive works so well as a pre-treater! When we notice something has gotten on a piece of clothing, my husband or I immediately treat it with Palmolive and then wash it on laundry day. We’ve had incredible luck with this in getting out many, many stains — which helps with the resale value of the clothing when they outgrow it! 😉

4) DIY Bubbles! The kids love playing with bubbles outside and we’ve found a super-inexpensive way to make them using Palmolive!

Dishwashing DIY Bubbles #Palmolive25Ways #Shop
I store our bubbles in a glass bottle after mixing them. They are made using the following ingredients:

2 tbsp Lite Karo Syrup
4 tbsp Original Palmolive Ultra Dishwashing Liquid
1 cup water

Mix well and there you have your bubbles! The kids love chasing them and “popping” them!

DIY Bubbles #Palmolive25Ways #Shop

5) Eye Glass de-fogger! Our oldest son and I both wear glasses (sometimes contacts) and the fog created on our lenses when going from the outside cold to the inside heat can be a pain! Or when simply opening the dishwasher, either of these instances causes our glasses to steam up! We simply rub a small drop onto the lenses and wipe clean. There will be a small film left behind that will not affect vision but will prevent the fog!

6) Oily Skin – Sometimes in the summer my face gets really oily. Embarrassing, yes. BUT, easily combated with Palmolive! Yes, I wash my face with Palmolive and have an amazing fresh, clean, non-oily feeling after!

7) Wash the Car/Pour in Grass to keep insects away! My husband hand washes our cars in the summer and uses a bucket of warm water mixed with Palmolive. Once he’s done, he has yet another use for the bucket of water/Palmolive: he pours it in the grass to keep the insects outs of the grass! Him being someone who adores his lawn, keeping the bugs out is important to him and he loves that he can use the “leftovers” in another way!

Dishwashing Detergent in the Grass #Palmolive25Ways #Shop
Simply pour the bucket of water and soap into the grass and insects will stay away!

8) Multi-purpose Cleaner – Not only is Palmolive great for cleaning dishes, and cleaning countertops and appliances in the kitchen as I mentioned earlier, but it’s a great all-around cleaner!! It’s great for cleaning windows, showers, tile in the bathroom, baseboards, and so much more!

Working on this #Palmolive25Ways post really got me thinking about just how many uses for dishwashing liquid we really have around our home! Palmolive really is one of those “must-have on hand” products!!

What other ways do you use Palmolive around your house?

Thank you to Palmolive and #CollectiveBias for inspiring this post!

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  1. I need to try using Palmolive to de-fog my eyeglasses! That’s brilliant. I’m not an avid bowler (I do have my own shoes, but that’s it!) but what a great way to keep the bowling ball clean. So many great uses for Palmolive, thanks for sharing such a great list! #client
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