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Letting Daddy Feed Baby, too with Help from Philips AVENT’s Comfort Breast Pump

When LA was born almost four years ago I NEVER wanted to leave him with daddy or anyone else and go somewhere. I was obsessed with my milk supply and so worried about messing it up. I felt like if I wasn’t working (when I HAD to be away) then I should be with him nursing him. When Addy was born two years ago, I hadn’t changed much. It was rare during our nursing days that I left her with anyone other than when I was at work. Of course, there were those times it had to happen, but not often. With Annie, I’m much more relaxed. I don’t worry so much that I HAVE to be the one feeding her and now, Daddy gets to feed baby too!

Philips AVENT Comfort Breast PumpWith Annie, I’ve been pumping three times a day while I am at work and we’ve gotten quite a freezer supply. Annie doesn’t eat as much as I pump daily so we always end up with extra. At the end of this week we had an extra 28 ounces to put in the freezer. Last week it was 16 ounces. Having that freezer supply allows my husband to get more involved in feeding Annie. With the help of Philips AVENT’s Comfort Breast Pump that I recently received for review I’ve been able to quickly and effectively pump when needed.

The Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump allows me to still supply my baby with the same nutritious breastmilk during “Daddy and me” time. You won’t believe how easily babies will transition between breast and bottle when letting daddy feed baby! Not all babies have to make that transition early, but we had to start around 4 weeks. Mamas, if you haven’t or you aren’t sure if you should I encourage you to get some mama time and allow “daddy and me” time with baby. With the Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump you’ll experience innovative massaging petals in the soft breast cushion that mimic baby’s natural suckling to help simulate letdown and milk flow.  It also delivers the same suction as an electric breast pump and is the ideal on-the-go solution and in fact, I’ve tossed it in the diaper bag many times to use on the go since Annie doesn’t always eat when by breasts feel like she should. It’s also easy to use in the car on a 4 hour trip when baby tends to sleep longer than normal! 😉

With Philips AVENT you can allow daddy to spend more bonding time with baby, too!

Feeding baby really is a bonding experience. It’s something that every daddy should experience. Letting daddy feed baby gives us mamas the chance to not only get a break, but also to experience the luxurious features of the Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump. Here are some of it’s amazing features:

  • Soft, flexible cushion for maximum comfort
  • Compact design (it’s incredibly easy to hold and position on your breast)
  • Easy to clean and assemble! We mamas don’t have a lot of free time so easy cleaning and assembling is a must and that’s just what you get with Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump!
  • Lightweight and portable – as I mentioned earlier, it’s super easy to toss into the diaper bag to take along!
  • Natural bottle and nipple makes transition between breast and bottle easier for baby!

Philips Avent LogoWe are big fans of Philips AVENT in our home! Letting daddy feed baby is an important part of his bonding experience, let Philips AVENT help your family with that bonding too!

Purchase: You can purchase the Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump from various retailers! Be sure you also follow them on their social media outlets!!

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