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Family Fun with Dinosaurs At Cedar Point

We love going to Cedar Point. We make it a goal to go at least once each year. The past several years have been all about the kids, but Cedar Point really is full of fun for the entire family: toddler to those in their retirement years! There are shows, rides for all ages, food, games, and even an educational exhibit of Dinosaurs at Cedar Point! Cedar Point Family Fun Cedar Point has long been known as “America’s Roller Coast”…well, that was one of their marketing theme’s in my younger years. I also remember the friendly staff when I was growing up and their enthusiastic “Have a greaaaat day here at Ceeeeedar Point!” voices over the intercom as rides were coming to an end. I have so many memories of Cedar Point growing up and I’m so glad that my kids will have them, too. It’s a place we went to every year when I was growing up and now, it’s a place we’ll take our kids every year, too!Cedar Point Kids Fun #CedarPoint #CPBloggersMost of the time when I mention Cedar Point people think of the roller coasters, and who wouldn’t? They have some of the best on the planet!!! They are known for their amazing roller coasters! But, there are also so many things for the little kids at Cedar Point! I may have gone overboard on the photos on the ride on the right above, but they LOVED it! Their faces are priceless! They loved the trains, the cars, the helicopters, the games, Snoopy and the Dinosaurs!!! Dinosaurs Alive at Cedar Point

That’s right!! Dinosaurs at Cedar Point!

The Dinosaurs Alive exhibit at Cedar Point is fun for kids and adults! It’s educational and will makes the kids say “whoa! Look mommy/daddy!” more than you can count! There are more than 50 larger than life dinosaurs (including some you can control!!), fossil displays and more information than you ever thought you’d find in Ohio! Dinosaurs at Cedar Point #DinosaursThere are interactive displays where you can push buttons for information about the dinosaur. there are comical signs throughout the exhibit and signs full of information about each dinosaur! There is an additional cost for the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit, but it’s so worth the extra minimal price!

Summer and Fall Fun at Cedar Point

Summer is always a fun time to take the kids to Cedar Point, but guess what? Fall is, too!! Be sure you go before the season is over and enjoy it with the kids! If you don’t get there this summer, be sure to check out HalloWeekends this fall at Cedar Point! I think hubby and I may have to plan a day with some friends and go this year! Even after the cool weather has arrived, think about checking out Cedar Point’s Castaway Bay for lots of indoor water fun, too!

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