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Tips for a Successful Picnic with Toddlers

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own.

It was a LONG winter. We received a record amount of snow here in the metro Detroit area. It seemed like it was never going to end. Once the warm weather arrived my little ones were so excited to actually be able to go outside and PLAY! They want to be outside All. The. Time. Seriously, it’s like the best thing since PB&J! 😉 One thing I wanted to achieve with warmer weather was a successful picnic with toddlers.

In order to satisfy their desire to be outside as much as possible, I’ve been trying to be creative. We recently figured out how to have a successful picnic with toddlers. Yes, outside and eating and toddlers — it works! I promise you, my toddlers love this! The key to this is having just enough to keep them entertained during your picnic! We’ve tried full lunches and they go alright, but we’ve found “snack time picnics” to be the best! The toddlers know that if we are to eat outside (which, mind you, they love) healthy snacks it is! Yes, I bribe them a bit. 😉

Successful Picnic with Toddlers

Our two and three year old toddlers typically have snack around 10am. Here are the must haves to accomplish a successful picnic with toddlers:

1) Water – a big must-have with the warmer weather. The little ones need to stay hydrated, and so does mama!

2) Stonyfield YoKids Smoothies for the kids and Stonyfield Greek Yogurt for mama! Yogurt is a very healthy snack and my toddlers love it when we include YoKids Smoothies in our toddler picnics! We’ve also made fruit and yogurt parfaits with granola and a few dark chocolate pieces on top as a wonderful addition to our picnics! The kids love those, too!

Stonyfield Toddler Picnic

3) Veggies and Cheese – My little ones (like many of yours, I’m sure!) don’t always love eating their veggies. When we are having a toddler picnic, they honestly don’t pay close attention to what they are eating because they are so excited to be eating outside! I make sure to take full advantage of this and serve up some veggies like broccoli! On occasion I’ll even bring some ranch for dipping fun! Cheese is another fun and delicious snack!

4) Fruit – Fruit is typically easier to get the little ones to eat, but since it’s a healthy snack I always include it in our picnic too. We bring either grapes, apples or bananas to eat on our toddler snack picnic.

Toddler Picnic Fun

5) Fun!! I need to keep their attention and when they know something fun is coming they are all ears! We pack things like bubbles and stories for fun! I typically read to them as they are eating their morning snack so, in this case, we just do that outside to make sure we get our book time in! They love the switch up! After all of our snacks are gone, we do something else fun like blow bubbles and they chase them, or if we’ve gone to the park for our snack picnic, they play on the swings or playscape. Daily exercise is important, too! We also listen to the sounds around us (we normally hear things like birds, planes, trains, cars, etc) and discuss the sounds. I like to make sure they are aware of the things around them. It’s another fun learning exercise.

Just to change up the day, try packing your toddler’s morning snack in a basket and eat it outside! It’s a fun, inexpensive way to get outside and have fun while enjoying this beautiful spring weather! It’s also a great time to throw in some healthy snacks for your toddlers!

What other ideas do you have for a successful picnic with toddlers?

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  1. Such a great tip to put activities like books and bubbles in your picnic basket!
    Caroline @ chocolate & carrots recently posted…Whole Wheat Banana Pecan PancakesMy Profile

  2. Geri Fink says:

    This is such a cute idea. I will tell you I love that you packed a special yogurt for yourself. This is something I would never think to do for a picnic. We love Stoneyfield yogurts and I do keep the yogurt sticks, smoothies and cups on hand at all times for daily eating.

    Love the bubbles on a picnic idea too. I really wouldn’t add a thing to your picnic.

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