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Five Fun Eco-Friendly Activity Tips

The time of year is upon us that has everyone ready to round up their family and get outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. There are many fun activities to choose from during the spring and summer months. This year, you should consider planning family activities that are eco-friendly as well as fun for the entire family.


1. Go Biking

This is a great activity for everyone in the family regardless of age. If you have one who is too little to ride, then there are bike accessories made specifically to carry your baby safely on your bike with you. Everyone will enjoy the ride, a little exploring and this is great activity for your health.

2. Play Sports

Set up a volleyball or badminton net in your backyard, and start having fun. If you live in a large subdivision, then be sure to let the neighbors know they and their children are welcome to come play. Throw in a couple of Frisbees and maybe a basketball and hoop, and your house is going to have happy children hanging around all the time.

3. Start a Compost Bin

Your children will enjoy finding items for the compost bin. After the yard is mowed, let them pick up the grass for the bin, and add other items as they become available such as sticks, dead leaves, egg shells, unusable vegetables, coffee grounds and old newspapers. Your bin should be in direct sunlight, and the compost should be kept damp and stirred regularly. In no time at all, it will be ready to help your new garden grow.

4. Enjoy the Water

You don’t need a jet ski or motor boat to have fun. Visit the local lake for a day of swimming, canoeing or kayaking and enjoying a nice picnic lunch.

5. Make Your Own Sunscreen

For all of these activities, you should make sure everyone is well-covered in sunscreen. You can make your own natural sunscreen by combining organic coconut oil with aloe vera and mixing well.

These are just a few good tips for having some fun that doesn’t harm the environment, but you shouldn’t stop with these. Aeroplan Canada is another option of how you can save the green and top up on points that you can later use for fun summer activities like traveling to awesome destinations. You know your family best, so choose some more things you know they would enjoy. In most cases, you can do most of the activities your family enjoys by changing them up a little to make them more environmentally friendly.


Thank you to Diane for writing this article.

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  1. Lara Clinton says:

    I can’t WAIT to bike this year. It’s been raining a lot since it got warm and I’m itching to go!

  2. Those are all great ideas. My boys love to do anything that involves water! We spend a lot of time at the beach, so they definitely get their fill.

  3. I had no idea you could make your own sunscreen! Thanks for the tips!!!
    Kelsey Apley recently posted…Check Out The May 2014 Beauty Box 5My Profile

  4. michelle crooks rattan says:

    I really love Eco friendly things. I am going to try the sunscreen.

  5. These are great tips. Now that summer is here, we are focusing more on sports and other outdoor activities.

  6. Great tips, with summer coming I hope to do each of these often!!
    kristin recently posted…Easy Roasted Pepper Salsa For TacosMy Profile

  7. Wow, I have never even thought to make my own sunscreen!! Huh, it’s really just that easy? These are all great tips!
    Jennifer Soltys recently posted…Trip to Outback Headquarters in Tampa #OutbackBestmatesMy Profile

  8. I am loving these ideas! I would really like to start a compost bin, I’ve been really curious about how it all works! Thanks for these ideas in time for summer!
    Dawn Lopez recently posted…RSVP for the #EcoToolsWalmart Twitter PartyMy Profile

  9. I SO wish I had room to do a compost bin, we are big recyclers in our home.

  10. I have been trying to figure out the combintion for my bike lock for several hours now. I want to go for a ride!

  11. Great post. We love going to the lake and biking.
    Janice recently posted…The Waiting – A Touching True Story of One Mother’s Unwavering Love (Plus a Giveaway!)My Profile

  12. I never knew I could make my own sunscreen. I have to look into that.
    Debi@ The Spring Mount 6 Pack recently posted…It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!My Profile

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