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My Marathon Days are Fueled with Stonyfield Greek Yogurt

Since baby Annie was born two months ago (wow, has it been that long!?) I feel like I’ve been running a marathon. Even more since returning to work three weeks ago, the marathon seems Morning Marathonto be a daily thing! I’ve read in the past that the adjustment from two to three kids was the hardest. For me that wasn’t an issue. Adjusting from three to four kids though? Wow. It’s been quite the adjustment. I’ve had to learn how to save time, especially in the mornings!

How have I done it? Let me share with you some tips I’ve found that help us in our marathon running each and every day! There have been two times of the day that has been the most hectic: mornings (getting ready to go) and evenings (primarily dinner and getting ready for bed). My husband and I have really had to come up with some time savers!

Morning Marathon Tips

Getting three little ones, three and under, ready for the day can take up quite a bit of time. Here are some things that help us:

  • We do laundry on either Saturday or Sunday and we pick out their clothes for the entire week when we are folding laundry and put them in one drawer in their rooms, all put together so we can grab and go. This cuts out on having to pick what they will wear, having to find matching pieces, etc. We do the same with our own clothing.
  • I shower in the evening, after the kids are in bed. I then let my hair dry naturally and just straighten it in the morning. This cuts out on at least 20 minutes.
  • We put clean underclothes on the little kids at night, after bath so that’s a bit less we have to change on them in the mornings. Each and every minute counts when you need to get out the door.
  • Annie’s bottles are prepared after the kids are in bed each night. This is not something I want or need to deal with during our marathon mornings.
  • Diaper bags are also packed with diapers and extra clothes the night before. I usually put enough in the for the week each Sunday night and just check them each night to make sure nothing needs to be refilled.
  • Don’t turn on the TV in the mornings. When we only had two children I would get up and nurse LA and watch the morning news. I can’t tell you how many times I sat there longer than I should have watching TV. I lost too much time.
  • The kids eat breakfast at daycare and my husband and I eat when we get to work. This saves time in the morning at home. We usually take with us some premade oatmeal or a protein bar and a delicious Stonyfield Greek yogurt! Luckily I am able to eat at my desk when answering work emails in the morning and hubby always gets to work 45 minutes before he begins teaching and has time to eat there. Stonyfield Greek definitely helps in fueling our marathon days and we are thankful for a quick, easy and healthy breakfast!

Stonyfield Greek

There are, of course, other times I choose to fuel my daily marathon with Stonyfield Greek. Since I had Annie and she is our last, I’ve been trying to watch what I eat and get back into shape. I know that the 0% fat Greek Yogurt is a quick and healthy snack. I even indulge in their caramel and chocolate versions during my quiet moments after everyone is in bed! It’s the perfect mama treat! I’ve even been known to cook with Stonyfield’s Greek yogurt and you should too! It’s an amazing way to make meals healthier!

If you are heading to the Boston Marathon today be sure to be on the look out for Stonyfield representatives! Stonyfield is the official yogurt sponsor of the 2014 Boston Marathon! Not only are they handing out hundreds of thousands of cups of organic yogurt on race day – to runners, their families, volunteers, etc but they are hosting a giveaway of a bunch of healthy living themed prizes including a year long gym membership on the day of the marathon – simply tweet or Instagram using #StonyfieldSuperFan. Make sure to get it posted by 11:59 pm EST 4/21/14!

Good luck to all who enter the contest and all who are running the marathon! <3


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  1. Amanda Temple says:

    My husband (and son) love the coconut flavor. I am not a greek yogurt fan, but I literally buy him 10 at a time!

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